What is Nomad Pass all about?

The Why, Who, How & What behind the project

We believe the future of work is remote and no longer tied to a stationary 9–5 job. Working remotely means having the flexibility and the ability to chose authentic ways to be more productive. The increasingly tech-driven society we live in has led to the expansion of the global sharing economy and the rise in digital nomads and location independent professionals who are now building their careers from the road and choosing where and when to work.

Work is no longer a place. You can now work from anywhere.

The Nomad Pass Vision

We started Nomad Pass a few months ago to empower and facilitate more professionals to work remotely. As the authors Hansson & Fried put it, in their best seller book Remote: Office Not Required:

Remote work doesn’t mean you can’t have an office, it just means you don’t need to have one…it’s about being the best you can be, wherever that might be.
We think remote work doesn’t have to be all remote or nothing. You don’t necessarily have to quit your full time job to be working remotely. It’s about taking a more flexible approach to the workplace and the work we do, and choosing the best ways in which we are productive. This might just mean earning that trust from your employer who will allow you to work remotely for a few weeks or months a year.
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Many people associate remote work with digital nomadism. Although digital nomads do remote work, not all remote workers like to be labeled as digital nomads. Digital nomads are intentionally traveling while doing remote work anywhere in the world. But the remote work umbrella is much broader than this.

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Why Us?

Meet the Founders

Our joint backgrounds and experiences contribute to the vision of the project. Together, we want to empower more people to work remotely and help other hosts around the world provide the best experience to their guests. We have traveled and worked from 44+ countries so far and are now working towards being location independent.

StartupBasecamp,Civic Center, San Francisco

Guillaume, Belgian entrepreneur, is the Founder of StartupBasecamp — one of the first co-live & co-work space in Silicon Valley, now expanding internationally. His hosting experience led him to meet entrepreneurs and digital nomads from around the world and create a very international network.

Maria, originally from Italy and with a very international background, comes from the policy world. She last worked as a Program Manager at a prestigious global non-profit for 4+ years. Inspired by the Silicon Valley entrepreneurship spirit (Startup Basecamp in particular) and lacking that job flexibility in a structured office position, she decided to break free from the 9–5 to build a more flexible work environment for herself. She made the jump and became an entrepreneur.

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How does Nomad Pass work?

Nomad Pass enables professionals like you to work remotely from anywhere around the world by removing the obstacles of living this lifestyle. Imagine an Airbnb and a Linkedin together. A one-stop shop for professionals who work remotely, short or long-term.

It’s Simple!

You sign up and get a pass which is your Nomad profile. With your individualized pass you access listings of some of the most unique places to live and work from and instantly access our community of like-minded location independent professionals whom you can connect to, wherever you are.

Your geo-localized pass helps fill the void of loneliness and create business opportunities— see who is around you with what specific skills and interests.

And to make your transition and stay more pleasurable, we provide you with a survival guide and local perks that will help you save money on travels and local activities.

You can now work remotely, be flexible and connected, from anywhere.

The Nomad Pass Experience in a Nutshell:

  • Discover: Explore the most unique places around the world where you can work and play.
  • Never feel lonely: Stay with other like-minded professionals who also choose our live & work recommendations throughout the world.
  • Instant community: Our community of professionals lets you see where other traveling professionals are, so you can easily connect with them.
  • Stay connected: Our recommended lodging locations all offer good working environments & internet access. You only have to worry about bringing your laptop and charger!
  • Give back: Be part of and give back to local communities, with your expertise and passion.
  • Feel at home, anywhere: We’ll provide you with a Survival Guide, so you know where the locals go for a drink, dinner, or other adventures. Plus, have access to local perks and save money on your itineraries.
With Nomad Pass, we want to make the world your office!

Nomad Pass in the Press:


Loneliness in remote work circles is a tough problem to tackle, and a service like Nomad Pass hoping to solve this issue could tap into something that will be helpful to solo nomads. — Kavi Guppta, Forbes

Skift take:

It’s not all fun and games–working remotely means working, and workers need a quality place where they can concentrate and be productive while also meeting other like-minded people and interacting with the local community. — Dan Peltier, Skift

Huffington Post:

If you want to escape the office but prefer to have more flexibility with your own time and schedule, this service could your travel and work option this summer. — Howard Kingston, HuffPost

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast:

Nomad Pass is featured as one of the Five Cool Services for Digital Nomads and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs— Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur

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