Nomoko appoints three new Board members and elects Michel Demaré as Chairman

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4 min readJul 13, 2020


Zurich, Switzerland, July 13, 2020 — Nomoko, the company pioneering the building of the infrastructure enabling the creation of spatial applications of the future, announces the appointment of three new members to the board of directors following the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders on July 8. The shareholders have elected — Elian Kool, Philip Loewen and Michel Demaré. They will be joining the existing board with Thierry Fromes (Ex-Chairman of Skype, GM Microsoft Luxembourg), Eduardo Leemann and the two co-founders Nilson Kufus (CEO) and Vincent Pedrini (CFO). Michel Demaré has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board.

We would like to thank Philippe Pedrini, Matthias Ruch and Thomas Billeter (who remains as board observer) for their contribution to the building of Nomoko over the past years.

This new appointment marks a crucial step in the current shift from a technology stack focus to a product focus at Nomoko.

Meet the new members of the Nomoko BOD

Michel Demaré

Michel Demaré is supervisory board member of Vodafone Plc. and Astra Zeneca Plc., chairman of IMD Business School, and deputy chairman of Louis-Dreyfus Company. He was the Chairman of Syngenta, the vice-chairman of UBS and the former CFO of ABB, among others. Michel brings to Nomoko his extensive experience in global corporate management, growth strategy and finance. As a chairman, he will advise Nomoko in the next steps towards market expansion, strategy and corporate governance.

Philip Loewen

Philip Loewen is global vice president & head of product strategy for SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise. With over two decades of experience in the IT and SAP ecosystem, Philip brings to Nomoko his customer centric experience, passion, strategy focus, as well as his in depth knowledge in disruptive technologies to skyrocket our efforts in product development and the building of the Mirror World platform.

Elian Kool

Elian Kool, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in setting up and scaling up digital software ventures, will bring to Nomoko his expertise in growing technical and business teams sustainably and globally, as well as his extensive software product development knowledge.

These three new members join Nomoko’s existing board of directors with:

About Nomoko

Nomoko’s vision is to enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world by allowing anyone to build spatial applications that truly understand the world we live in — and subsequently make our interaction with these two worlds more intuitive. For this interaction to happen — a robust replica of our world must exist. One that allows for expansion and integration, in order to capture the richness of our physical world — a network of Digital Twins, if you wish. We call this, the Mirror World.

As a company with a history in city-scale 3D modeling, building the Mirror World infrastructure is our long game, enabling anyone to build spatial applications of their liking — from city-scale digital services to AR experiences.

Nomoko has spent the last years interacting with over 250 leading companies in the autonomous driving space, AR, VR and Smart Cities, gaining an insight into the market readiness of these future oriented industries when it comes to the usage of the Mirror World. Buildings being the biggest financial asset within a city, the real estate industry presented an immense opportunity for digitisation.

Today, Nomoko focuses on bringing the first spatial application of such kind to this industry, by providing a more intuitive application to digitise the real estate investment process.

As it turns out, we are also currently looking for innovative real estate development companies to join this journey by becoming early beta testers:

We are extremely excited to welcome our new board members, who join us on our journey as we’re growing our business and beginning our journey of transforming the real estate industry with our first spatial application.

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