A Sensual Cure for Writer’s Blues

“We work in the dark,” Henry James said of the “madness of art.” Here is an antidote to that madness, with science behind it.

Detail of “Prelude to a Kiss,” painting by Mary Hopf. Photo: Library Camille Cusumano

Writers are a little mad. It’s a useful thing for creating something out of nothing. Throughout history writers, who let their madness rule them, have turned to alcohol and drugs or, worse, suicide…




Publishes shapely prose, creative nonfiction (travel and memoir) and fiction (short), that is deeply contemplative, imaginative, literary with an irresistible narrative drive.

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a lady mad holding a book

To try to be a writer without writing

Tell A Story Like A Pro!

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Camille Cusumano

Camille Cusumano

Author(ity) in/on San Francisco. Novel, essay, memoir. Teaches tango. Travel, outdoors, culture. Former editor at VIA Mag.

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