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Going to Church and Being Celebrated For Being Transgender

This Sunday was such an incredible experience for me. I had a lot on my mind with the loss of my cousin’s wife and 12 year-old daughter who was a twin and killed by a drunk driver. So my heart is a little full right now. The only thing you can do is grieve and find things in the world that provide gratitude.

This morning I worked out with my trainer and the body pump class. I thought about ditching church but decided I needed it.

Since I was going to church — I wore stretchy jeans to my body pump class because I didn’t want to go in the bathroom because CA doesn’t have an all-gender bathroom. So I worked out in stretchy jeans and than I changed in my car. That way no one will give me an unwarranted reaction in the bathroom. So I dragged by body to church and life provided an incredible moment in my life.

I go to a Christian church, even though I am more spiritual than Christian. I am non-binary and see myself as both in terms of gender or neither. I usually am called the wrong pronoun — he or she when it is ze. I am older non-binary person so most people have no idea what that means.

I walked into church late and sat down. Our church is an adhd church so it changes format and who speaks depending on the message. Today, my pastor spoke and we had the opportunity to share afterwards.
Please click on the link to hear the message.

If you can imagine being a gay, transgender non-binary person and having this message bestowed upon you; I was speechless. (Which isn’t something I usually am.) To be a gay — transgender person and to be celebrated in church isn’t something that usually occurs in a church setting.

After the message, I shared how full of gratitude I am to be in a church where I am seen, loved, cared for, and acknowledged for being exactly as I am. Thank you for letting me share.



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