Class selections looking dicey, Pisces? The partial lunar eclipse and not Academic Operations, is to blame. Please submit a HelpSU ticket for both a realignment in schedule and in the universe. Don’t let Saturn’s partial eclipse of Jupiter make you lose your cool — always remember that every difficulty is an opportunity to exercise your learning goal of not blaming the administration.

This lunar cycle is like a case of the Sunday Scaries, Aries. With the moon in beta, any moment of clarity instantly becomes fuzzy, as if you’ve just left a CMC Career Life Vision session. What was once whiteboarded so clearly now feels like a theoretical haze with no actionable outcome. Rest assured, though, that 75 roles at Via will remain available via the career dashboard during this and every moon.

In a world of GSBimmers and MBAudis, it can be a struggle to be a member of the Zodiac sign named for a sturdy, American-made sedan. Remember, though, that the next full moon holds for you untold astrological riches — skin-clearing moonbeams, a wish upon a falling star, a Wes Anderson-style dream sequence foretelling your lucrative yet fulfilling career path. This, Taurus, is your time; you can’t afFord to wait.

With Venus on the path to power, you’re in great shape to take a significant risk, to really put yourself out there and be vulnerable. It’s going to generate some pinches, but you’ll be commended for it regardless. Your friends, nay, your class, nay, the universe will thank you for sharing.

Given the positioning of the winter sun over Vidalakis, the world is your leadership lab. With Saturn as your fellow, you should really feel free to dive deep and explore. Beware the man in the moon, however. He can see you checking your phone behind that name card and he is very disappointed.

The strong magnetic pull of Venus will inspire you to frame a statement as a question, concluding with, “Can you speak to that?” Channel the power of Pluto to resist that urge.

The fault is in your stars, Virgo. An ice storm across southern Uranus will result in a wave of cold calls. There is simply no known preparation for such an event. In answering the unanswerable, remember the immortal words of Neptune, “This too shall pass.”

This is a time to hold your cards close to the vest, Libra. With gossip swirling amongst the green triangles in your life, a new moon provides an opportunity to reorder your internal influence line. Just as a White Party can become a GSB Gives Back Gala, so too can you rebrand without actually changing a thing. As the crescent moon wanes, allow Orion’s bow to guide the way toward more fulfilling social endeavors.

Pluto’s irregular orbit has made your need for approval insatiable, Scorpio. Whether posing shirtless on the slopes or filling your iPhone’s camera roll in an effort to catch the perfect angle, your focus on social media metrics is creating undue stress for others and an unsatisfying life for yourself. Unless, of course, your posts hit triple digits. Then you, like the sign which birthed you, are a star.

In every setting and every opportunity there are pros and there are cons[ultants]. At this point in the lunar calendar, a confusing confluence of forces will muddle your understanding of the celestial world. Devote your energies to remembering that the sun is the center of the universe, not your thoughts on what the CEO should have done based on your stint at Bain.

The gravitational pull of Venus is leading you to seriously consider that hedge fund offer for its monetary, rather than spiritual reward. As the mental tide of wealth washes in, ask yourself what the impact of an emotional drought will be on your overall well-being. If your wallet can afford all worldly goods, can your soul afford to carry the weight of the universe? Probably.

The universe sees all, Aquarius. Hot water, twelve lemon wedges, and two spoonfuls of honey? That’s basically tea. Pay up. An overstuffed small salad transferred to a large salad container? Pay up. A small salad filled only with chicken and goldfish? What are you, homeless? And you, MBA2 Aquarii, going to Schwab for free coffee — really? Pull yourselves together, people.

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