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Letter sent on Dec 6, 2016

Let’s talk about sexism (and more from the latest nondisclosure)

Dear readers,

We’re very pleased to share with you our newest issue of nondisclosure — the GSB’s student-run online magazine. Read about:

- What a GSB alumna learned in making a film about her sexual assault (by Gwen Van de Pas)

- GSB’ers “messiest” situations

- Why we need to talk about sexism (from Stephanie Madner)

- How to survive the holidays outside the GSBubble (by Lauren Dachille)

- What the Oregon Trail would look like as a GSB case study (from Charles Zhu and yours truly)

- What you can expect from a morning with artificial intelligence (by Konstantine Buhler)

- Finding nature where we least anticipate it (by Nadine Lehner)

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Thanks for reading,

Eli, Cameron, and Nadine

PS: With this issue of nondisclosure, we also bid a formal farewell to our founding editor, Nadine Lehner, who’s finally leaving Stanford behind with MBA and MS in hand. Thanks for everything, Nadine!

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