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Non Fungible Apes

Non Fungible Apes: Be Fruitful and Multiply

Love is in the jungle air, and that sweet scent of desire is calling out to all non-fungible apes. While fungible apes are less selective in their mating habits, non-fungible apes are very picky choosers. Recent studies performed by blockchain analysts have discovered that non-fungible apes on the blockchain are particularly picky choosers when it comes to finding the right mate. Thankfully every NFA is unique, so picky choosers can be picky choosers.

Non-Fungible Apes are a collection of 1370 cryptographically unique NFTs, no two are exactly alike. There are a total of 470 males and 300 female adult NFAs. Additionally, a maximum of 600 NFA babies can be birthed (minted). NFAs are family oriented NFTs and have one goal in life, and that is to be fruitful and multiply. NFA Couples that have babies are generously rewarded.

Ethereum Approved Baby Bonus Scheme

Children bring joy into the world and to support couples decisions in minting more NFA babies, the Ethereum Non-Fungible Ape Family Development Organization (ENFADO) have implemented a scheme to incentivize NFAs to raise a family and to help defray the costs of raising children. Families can be registered (staked) with the NFA baby bonus scheme (the NFA staking app).

Each female NFA is able to birth 2 children and no more. In order to make a baby, both a male and a female NFA need to be staked in the NFA staking pool through the staking app, after 10 days of staking, a baby will be born. Likewise, the second baby will require a further 10 days of staking to be born.

A 5% sell fee is applied on all Non-Fungible Apes both sold and resold on Opensea, 4% of this fee is sent to the staking wallet and will be distributed to every complete NFA family that is being staked, 1% goes to the Non-Fungible Apes team.

A complete NFA family is 1 male and 1 female adult NFA and 2 NFA babies, the ownership address of an NFA family will receive staking rewards for the duration they are being staked.

Distribution Schedule

NFAs will be distributed following a bonding curve, the earlier you buy, the cheaper you get in. Early buyers also get a head start on building and staking a family to begin receiving rewards on sales. Fewer stakers in the staking pool will mean higher rewards initially.

An additional 20 adult NFAs will be airdropped in giveaways, making the total number of adult NFAs 770.

A total of 600 baby NFAs can be minted only through staking.

NFAs will be dropped every few days at around 50 per drop.



Non-Fungible Apes are a collection of 970 unique digital art pieces. NFAs can be staked together to make a family and receive selling fees from Opensea.

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