Bringing Back #MST3K and Beyond!

Frank Hablawi
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2 min readDec 14, 2015

Like many of you, I was completely psyched to see Mystery Science Theater 3000 return through their record breaking Kickstarter.

And watching the telethon live was the closest anyone could get to replicating what it was like to be at the infamous MST3K Conventio-Con and ExpoFest-a-Rama!

And of course there was the simple joy of being up late at night, with that theme song quietly playing in the background, bringing me back to the early days when I first discovered that weird puppet show on cable TV…

But the next morning, I awoke to a realization; while I love the idea that MST3K was back with the promise of all-new material, the creative work of the original cast members was essential in getting people to dig deep and donate to the cause! Nostalgia may not have been the only reason people supported #BringBackMST3K, but it was a very important one, and those cast members haven’t benefited directly from the show in a long while.

It sure does!

However, many of these folks are still producing related, fantastic work; things that any MSTie would love to support, so I started tweeting about all of the ones that I could think of!

Also, J. Elvis Weinstein, we love you. Come back home!



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