Dear #NeverBiden, From A Berner

Today is election day. I voted by mail here in Philadelphia.

I voted for Bernie. I voted for every candidate backed by Bernie. I selected every delegate committed to Bernie. (While I realize he may not win, he can still move the party left if he has delegates.)

I gave more money to Bernie’s campaign than every other campaign of virtually any kind combined over the course of my lifetime.

I’ve argued with centrists/moderates, I’ve pwned Trumpers, and I’ve made my views publicly known regardless of how it impacts me professionally.

I’m a leftist and Anti-Capitalist.

Our country is a mess. I’m angry and I’m heartbroken.

I thought there was no better person for the job at this point in time than Bernie…and even he is more moderate in his approach than I would be willing to support. Look through my Twitter history to confirm. I’m no bot and I’m not a centrist or right-winger in disguise.

So, now that we’re caught up, here’s the thing…

If you honestly believe that Biden and Trump are in the same universe of awful then you are not paying ANY fucking attention.

But Trump is the full-on fucking Anti-Christ, and I’m a hardcore atheist saying this. I neither believe in Christ nor Anti-Christ, but that Spray-Tan Fascist fits the description perfectly.

When you vote for a Presidential Candidate, you are voting for a lot more than a single person. You are voting for their entire administration and eco-system.

I’m no fan of the Democratic Party despite being registered as a Democrat. I’m no fan of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, or Pete Buttigieg. Elizabeth Warren is a far cry from Progressive enough for me. I say this to emphasize, once again, my political leanings. But each and every single one of them is orders of magnitude more of a human than the reptiles in human skin Stephen Miller, William Barr, and Mitch McConnell (technically amphibian).

The eco-system that Joe Biden exists inside of, is subject to influence from their constituents. The people can move the party.

The Republicans are setting the agenda for their constituents and through what is basically state-run media (Fox, Breitbart, OAN) have created a ride-or-die base, regardless of how fascistic a candidate may be. The party moves the people.

Recent Events

If you missed it: For the first time since 1807, more than 200 years, a sitting President, Trump has called in the Military to deal with protestors.

He has declared (though he can’t actually do this) a leaderless, memberless idea known as ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, which, if successful, opens the door to labeling anyone as ANTIFA and consequently a terrorist.

He has spent the entire pandemic congratulating himself, giving money to billionaires, neglecting the middle class and poor, igniting racial tensions and encouraging white supremacists, and fighting with Twitter for daring to label (not take down, but label) his lies.

#NeverBiden? #WakeTheFuckUp! He and Joe Biden are not in the same league of terrible!

I’m voting my ass off for Joe Biden!

Joe Biden sucks. He supremely sucks. Voting for him and holding my nose doesn’t even being to cover it. I had 1 candidate and I was fucking outspoken and militant about it. I was for Bernie.

But to be Bernie or Bust right now is a selfish and foolish move.

The reality is, you have two options: Joe Biden or Trump. If you think your 3rd party vote is making a difference, you are not only wrong, but you are endangering the entire future of this country. It is not an understatement to sound the alarm right now. No President in history has been more dangerous, and no administration has been more enabled by the destruction of checks and balances than this one.

If you truly care about the people you say you care about, then you’ll vote for Joe Biden, and you’ll do it because you’re a decent human being who is willing to accept (A LOT) less than perfect in order to fight another day. But putting the world’s most powerful military in the hands of a wannabe dictator for another 4 years, is guaranteeing that he will get what he wants.

This could be your last vote. You better make it count.



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