Lines drawn: If you voted for Trump, I want nothing more to do with you.

Part 1: We’re Done

This is a public notice.

I’ll get right to it. As the headline clearly states: if you voted for Donald Trump in this election, I want nothing more to do with you.

  • We will not agree to disagree.
  • We will not be friends.
  • We will not remain acquaintances as a professional courtesy.
  • We do not simply have “a difference of opinion.”

A vote for Trump means you either support Trump and his agenda of division and bigotry, or you didn’t think it was a big enough issue to vote against.

Therefore, you are, for all intents and purposes, dead to me.

Yes, this is confrontational. Yes, I am judging you. Yes, I am serious.

I know this will cost me friendships. I know this will cost me business. I know this sort of rigidity is frowned upon as we encourage “the healing of this nation.” But, I simply do not care to lie and pretend that I don’t think less of someone over their vote for Trump. The truth is that I think so much less of someone who voted for Trump that I will not look past it.

Chances are, that if you voted Trump and we know one another, you’re from the Northeast, not Mississippi. So, you may read this post and feel that I am generalizing Trump voters, or that I say something that does not accurately describe your beliefs. You will swear that you had good reasons to vote for him, or good reasons to vote against Biden. I accept neither of these assertions. Your vote for Trump is bundled with, and carried the same consequences as, the Nazis and White Supremacist Groups that overwhelmingly support Trump.

YOU are the baddie. We’re done.

Part 2: Why We’re Done

You vote with the fascists, you are a fascist.

You saw that the entirety of the Nazi and White Nationalist contingent of our country was fervently Pro-Trump, and that didn’t even give you a moment’s pause. You saw the President call Nazis “very fine people” and told the Proud Boys to “Stand Down and Stand By” and thought “no big deal.” You saw Confederate flags flying proudly next to Trump flags and didn’t blink.

You saw the last 4 years and pro-actively attempted to sign us up for four more on the same path. You are complicit, at best.

Maybe you think you had your reasons but, there is no justification for your vote.

  • Maybe you thought of yourself as a one-issue voter, but in order to do that, you’d still have to ignore everything else about Trump…meaning that you must not think all of his other atrocities are big deal. This is not an acceptable excuse in the midst of this horror show. Weigh your one issue against these: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, and Corruptions.
  • Maybe you thought that Trump is strong for the economy. If that’s you, then congrats for admitting that you neither understand trends, debt, long term consequences, nor do you comprehend the concept that the economy and the stock market are separate things. Or maybe you do understand all that but just don’t care because “fuck everyone else, I got mine.”
  • Maybe you thought Trump was good because he slashed regulations and that tickled you as a Libertarian. Congrats, you supported accelerated climate change leading to the potential collapse of global biodiversity and the destruction of human society as we know it. What a Patriot!
  • Maybe you voted for Trump because Biden is part of a corrupt crime family and part of a pedophile ring of Democrats. IF this is you, then congrats, you have no critical thinking skills and you’re officially “the mark.” You got beat by a con-man. You took the word of a guy who is a confirmed liar and failure. A President who used the office to enrich himself and his family and favored nepotiam over competancy. A President that was an outspoken sexual predator, charged multiple times with sex crimes, including being accused of raping a 13-year old girl — who dropped the lawsuit after receiving death threats — but don’t forget how he used to pal around with Jeffrey Epstein. The President currently running the most corrupt administration in American history — look at indictments and prison sentences and it’s not even close. While he gave trillions to the wealthy, you were busy listening to riddles from an anonymous source on 4chan who never seemed to get it right. You must be very proud of your PhD in bullshit.

Here’s the truth, if you support him, you either directly or implicitly endorse his agenda and his supporters.

Full stop. Pause and think on that point.

Voting for Trump in 2020 means you are a racist, science-denying, xenophobic, bigot who is content with the completely destruction and desecration of anything good that our country is supposed to stand for, and you also endorse the acceleration of climate change and biodiversity collapse threatening all of humanity.

That’s all yours now…please enjoy.

Oh, what’s that? You don’t like being called out? You don’t like being labeled a racist just because you voted for Trump? Cry me a fucking river. Facts over feelings, remember? You voted for him so now you get to be called a racist and a fascist-enabler.

You made your bed, now sleep in it. I hope your nightmares are as bad as the one the rest of us have been hoping to wake up from for the last 4 years.

Part 3: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

2016 -vs- 2020

Obviously, I know people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

I was willing to forgive that…until probably mid-2017. If I was really feeling generous about a particular person, I’d even hypothetically have been willing give them a pass until June 2020 when COVID deaths topped 100,000 and our idiot-in-chief was railing against masks and recommending disinfectants as a possible remedy for a pandemic that was completely out of control.

I know people who saw the error of their ways, admitted that they made a mistake, and turned it around in 2020. This is called introspection, critical thinking, and self-improvement.

By contrast, there’s the Trump supporter of 2020. Someone who looked at the last 4 years and was not completely disgusted with how our country has been run, how our democratic institutions have been dismantled and power consolidated under a narcissist, idiot, con-man bigot. This is called ignorance and indifference to injustice.

For those who still supported Trump in 2020, we are living in totally different realities and I have no forgiveness in my heart for you.

Adults. Free Speech. Respect.

Let me address this nonsense that is cropping up all over social media right now in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral and popular vote loss.

All of a sudden we’re supposed to listen to each other, and accept each other. All of a sudden, the childish thing to do is be divisive. All of a sudden it’s out of bounds to insult one another over our beliefs.

You. Have. To. Be. Fucking. Kidding. Me!

  • First of all: no!
  • Second of all: I have no mandate to respect your disrespect or tolerate your intolerance.
  • Third of all: you have no moral high ground to stand on after President Fragile-Ego Bully spent 4 years disrespecting anyone and everyone who didn’t worship the ground he walked on, including withholding federal support during a pandemic for Governors who weren’t nice enough.
  • And finally: fuck you.

It is both ineffective and strategically foolish to be the bigger person in a situation where the person on the other side uses your kindness, empathy and civility as the opportunity to twist the knife in further.

For 4 years, Trump and his supporters have been ignoring blatant racism and bigotry, breathtaking incompetence and stupidity, and justifying someone who lies as easily as he breathes (pre-COVID), all while taking glee in “sticking it to the libs.”

…and now we’re supposed to respect people who have different beliefs.

We, collectively, and more specifically black people, women, indigenous people, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ, and both the middle class and poor (among others) have been fucked and traumatized by a wannabe dictator who made sure that we all saw his cruelty because he believed that was strength.

You have no moral high ground

Let’s never forget that his incompetence has already led to more than 200,000 Americans dead. Don’t ever say “Never Forget” about 9/11 to me again you fucking enablers.

You don’t get to turn around and claim the moral high ground and clutch your pearls when we don’t accept you back with open arms with your condescension and non-apologies.

You have work to do.

People are still dying due to a non-existent COVID containment strategy, kids are still in cages, and an enormous block of Trump voters continue to claim the election was stolen without a shred of evidence.

These efforts are an attack on our democracy. They are actions that would disqualify numerous military votes along with millions of other Americans. These are the actions of a fascist.

There are countless conservatives crying foul over anyone who would hold Trump supporters accountable for their actions over the past 4 years. Well, too fucking bad, you support fascists, you get lumped in with fascists.

For 4 years, they have tried to gaslight the sane world into thinking it’s all in our heads as we wake up frantically every morning waiting to see if the Reichstag Fire happened last night.

Whataboutism and “Both Sides”

There’s a significant contingent who will try to muddy up the waters by stating that “both sides” this and “both sides” that, and “both parties suck.” Let me address that by agreeing that both parties have problems and are substantially less-than-ideal. But to suggest that they are equivalent in their flaws is simply dishonest to the point of delusion.

I don’t believe in this moral contortionism; this folding oneself into a pretzel in a feeble attempt to claim that there is even the slightest similarity between the pro-Trump and anti-Trump cohorts in their offenses.

One side might’ve built the cages, but the other ripped kids from their parents arms and threw them in the cages. Don’t even fucking try it.

I’m not interested in debating your alternative facts, wild conspiracy theories, or entertaining your attempts to “catch me” on Biden’s vote for the 1994 crime bill.

Why I Voted Biden

My vote was harm reduction.

  • Trump is maximum harm, listens to no one, engages in blatent corruption and criminality, and accepts no accountability for anything.
  • Joe’s not my first choice, but at least he can be influenced and isn’t evil-incarnate.

I don’t love Joe Biden. I don’t support many of the positions of Joe Biden. I have been outspoken about this. I am not a zealot or cult member, and I will happily criticize the Democratic party but I will do it from the confines of reality acknowledging the imperfection of my selected candidate including the copious number of people harmed by his Neo-Liberal career.

Therefore, you have no ammo in this fight, sit down

If you read this and feel like giving me some of your signature “Biden crime family,” “Hillary’s emails,” or “Pizzagate” nonsense, kindly save us both the time and piss off.

But, even Biden called for Unity

“I will work to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. I won’t see red states and blue states, I will always see the United States.”
-President Elect Joe Biden

And to our President-Elect, I say “give it a fucking rest.”

I know that I preach from the empathy gospel. I know that I am constantly advocating for being compassionate. I know that the best approach in any situation is to listen, seek to understand, and validate, even if you don’t agree. Once there is a basis of trust and understanding, the healing can begin.

However, in this case, all of that goes out the window, because we’re not playing the same game. When one side is willing to lie, push and promote conspiracies and “alternative facts,” and troll…simply for the fun of fucking with someone’s mental health and establishing a white ethnostate…all bets are off. This is Game Theory 101, and in the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Trumpers are the Prisoner who will not only turn on you immediately but will lie to get you convicted on additional made-up charges.

Further, here’s something else I can’t figure out. Why exactly is it always OUR job to listen to YOU?

Trump counties make up a meager 29% of the economywe drive the economy, not you.

Red states take in more federal aid than they contributewe pay for you.

Trump and the GOP have lost the popular vote in 7 out of the last 8 Presidential elections…you are not the silent majority, we outnumber you.

Sit down until you earn your seat at the table without voter suppression, gerrymandering, or the electoral college giving us the tyranny of the minority. Your party just spent 4 years running over what we care about like a bulldozer, and now we’re being told that it’s our job to leave our major cities with diverse populations and strong economies so we can join you out in Bumblefuck, Alabama or rural Kentucky to hear your theory on why it’s immigrants rather than capitalists that are the reason jobs are being shipped overseas, or how God doesn’t like gay people or something.

It’s 2020, we don’t have time for this.

Part 4: The Remedy

You want back in? Go get your people in order and bring them back from the brink of a Q-anon mass shooting.

Next, come get your man. He’s out here trying to claim voter fraud, again…and without any evidence, again. He lost. Do your part to help him and the rest of the Trump train get a fucking grip on reality.

Forgiveness for a 2020 Trump voter will not even be discussed until they do some serious fucking work. I believe in people. I believe in their ability to turn things around, to be compassionate, to be on the right side of history, even if they’d made mistakes in the past. There will (almost) always be an opportunity to come back to the side of sanity.

But this isn’t the confessional booth where a few “Our Fathers” and “Hail Marys” will absolve you. No, you have work to do.

The only chance we have to salvage whatever relationship we had would be for you to do some serious introspection and own your mistakes. If you are unwilling to own your mistakes, then we’ve reached the end of the road. If you are ready to do the work, then I suggest you get ready to be very uncomfortable because this isn’t going to be fun.

If you are deep in the world of Trump, you will need to deprogram yourself and leave the cult.

Next, you will need to make a substantial effort in public to acknowledge your prior mistakes and ask the people you’ve harmed for forgiveness.

The list of people harmed include: black people, latinx people, asian people, muslims, jews, the entirety of the LGBTQIA+ community, the elderly, the young people, the poor, the middle class, teachers, police officers, and yes, even white people.

White Supremacy doesn’t just hurt non-white people, it hurts white people too. So, in addition to everything mentioned above you would also not only begin to seriously educate yourself about the history of white supremacy in this country, but you would become an active participant in the movement to dismantle it.

Do the work. If you don’t, I don’t ever want to hear from you again.

And for the record, those of you who abstained from voting at all in the 2020 election out of some misguided “both sides are bad” stance, are on my last nerve too.

Appendix: Additional Material

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