Voting For or Against

Nearly everyone I know that I voting for Biden is doing so mainly as an anti-Trump vote.

Part of the reason I’m so scared for this election (aside from the voter suppression efforts and the looming threat of Electoral College thwarting the popular vote once again) is that one side is voting for something and one side largely against something.

One has more energy than the other.

People voting reluctantly or dispassionately against anything will never match the energy of people passionately voting for their own interests especially when those interests are fueled by hate and a desire for supremacy.

It’s a shame that the Democratic party seems committed to playing it safe despite the evidence presented by Dukakis, Kerry, Obama, and Hillary. Out of those, which one actually won? The black guy with the name Barack Hussein Obama running against a war hero.

Fast forward to 2016 and who takes the Republican ticket? Not any of the Governors or Senators, not the well known party hopefuls. No, it was a fucking reality TV star who failed at literally everything he’s ever done but who could whip people into a racist frenzy and get people excited to “own the libs” at any cost.

Biden is framing this election as being about “a battle for the soul of this nation” and while that focus group-tested phrase isn’t wrong, the Biden campaign strategy is deeply concerning because it lacks energy, passion, and a record to stand behind. Trump has been consistent…in his racism, misogyny, and incompetence throughout his entire life. Joe is a mixed bag, and it makes it difficult to take him quite as seriously in his convictions.

Do not mistake what I’m saying here: I’m voting for Biden. To do otherwise is fucking lunacy to me and anyone who does otherwise is complicit in the final death blow to the United States experiment.

However, as I’ve made clear at this point, my enthusiasm in voting for Biden is my enthusiastic vote against Trump. I’m not canvassing, phone banking, or even subscribing to the Biden campaign email list. It seems like a silly exercise at this point. People who are undecided are decided, they just don’t want to tell you that they’re voting for Trump. Those that are truly undecided aren’t going to be swayed by Joe Biden’s placeholder campaign. They need something to believe in and get excited about.

I, like most, am not excited for a Biden presidency. I’m just terrified of more Trump.

In the end, Bernie voters will probably get blamed again for the shortcomings of a party playing it safe, that doesn’t learn its lessons, and that isn’t standing strongly for anything.




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