How To Dominate Vlogging On Youtube and Other Social Media Platforms

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First and foremost this post is about definition, defining how to be a vlogger, what it means to vlog and what you need to vlog. Individuals have been vlogging for years now, it’s their hobby, it’s their work. Regardless of why they are vlogging, why you want to vlog, just know that it requires you and a camera.

HERE, Casey Neistat, a known vlogger, has a video on How To Vlog

Video From Youtube

1. Get a camera

I wrote before that vlogging requires you and a camera,so you need to get a camera. Whether it’s the camera you use to take pictures with or one of the many vlogging cameras out there or your phone, you need a camera. Lots of vloggers vlog on their phones.

What’s The Best Vlogging Camera?

Video by Casey Neistat

Video From Youtube

The 5 Best Cheap Cameras by 7TopRated

Video From Youtube

The Best Camera Money Can Buy by Casey Neistat

Video From Youtube

The Best Camera For Youtube?

Video by ThinkMedia

Video From Youtube

Where can you get a camera and vlogging equipment from?

  1. Amazon

2. Walmart

3. Target

4. Urban Outfitters

5. Websites that sell technology

2. Get a plan and a schedule

This means writing on a piece of paper the times that you plan on vlogging. Are planning on mondays, tuesdays? Or will you vlog on fridays and saturdays? You need to figure out what times you plan to vlog then you need to write it down in your notes, on a calendar, in your scheduler.

3. Get a angle

This means every vlogger knows how important it is to have an angle. What is an angle? It’s the direction and how you hold your camera. It’s how you position yourself in the camera. It’s how you film whatever you are trying to film, are you going to hold it vertically or horizontally?

4. Get a charger

If you are really trying to be a vlogger now, you need to charge and keep your camera and phone at 100%, but you also need to keep your charger with you, it would be really smart of you to get a portable charger or portable charging dock. You also need to get another battery if you need one or some and you also need some sd cards because vlogging takes up a lot of memory.

How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat by Casey Neistat

Video From Youtube

5. Get a tripod

The tripod is what holds your camera, what carries your camera, and what your phone or camera sits on. The tripod helps carry your phone or camera but it also helps with angling your camera and also can keep your camera secure from any shaking or moving around.

What are the best Vlogging Tripods?

Video by ThinkMedia

Video From Youtube

6. Get a camera case

You need a camera case for more than just your camera and so you don’t lose it, but you need a camera case for your charger, your battery and your sd cards. You need a camera case for your planner and calendar too.

7. Get a backup camera

You need a backup camera in case you lose your camera and are on a schedule or you want to keep vlogging so you can have it ( meaning the backup camera) ready in your camera case. You also need another camera in case your other camera is charging, broke, or you want a different look to your vlog.

8. Get a microphone

If you want what you are saying to be heard clearly, or better than the microphone on your actual vlogging camera, you should buy a microphone for your camera.

9. Get a flip screen if you can

This is so that you will be able to see yourself as you are talking into the camera. It’s not something that you have to have, but it is something that you should.

10. Get a strong arm and hand

Vlogging, if you do not have a tripod or even if you do have a tripod, requires a lot of holding, hand strength, arm strength for stretching out the camera for specific angles.

Why should you be a vlogger?

1. It’s entertaining and it’s entertainment

2. It’s another way to film a video

3. It’s a way to get money

Where do vloggers have their vlogs?

  1. The Youtube

2. Vimeo

3. Social Media

4. Many more websites

So that’s How To Be A Vlogger. I hope this helps and inspires you all on your vlogging journey. Thank you for reading.



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