Genius Marketing — Volkswagen Rally The World

Iwona Gruszka
Jul 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Marketers- this is how to ‘you are doing it right’.

Are you tired of boring commercials that last ages and pop up in the middle of your favorite show? Sometimes the only thing that comes to your mind is WT…?!! (You watch at your own risk)

Fortunately somewhere out there, there are marketing wizards, geniuses who create amazing commercials.

Yesterday my friend, a fan of rallies, posted a video that caught my attention. Have a look:

VW RallyTheWorld — Finland

Why is this commercial genius?

For starters it’s short and sweet.

There is anticipation.

Unexpected ending — a sauna is not something you'd have in a car workshop (well, unless you are a Finn ;) ).

It touches emotions — Finns love sauna. SPOT ON!

My favorite — it’s tailored. Each of those short commercials are tailored to the places where the rally will be happening.

It’s funny. It somehow makes fun (in a positive way) of the stereotypes that we know those countries for or of the aspects the citizens laugh about themselves (see Poland below).

The audience feels some connection- again, it touches emotion. Those commercials promote both the brand (VW) and the country. The creators did something good not only for themselves and that’s why we instantly like them- Hey Volkswagen, great PR job! :)

This is how to do the marketing right. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you are a marketer put consideration into doing research, right planning, great execution, quality and the length & put some wit into your work. Not always longer is better. Remember that.

My friend sent me more of those. Have fun watching!

Poland Some time ago there was a countrywide hubbub about those mysterious shapes. Well, the marketers used that fact right.

Mexico Don't we all love Mexico for this:




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    Non-programmer Girl in Tech

    Stories of being girl in the world of technology, startups, social media & digital marketing.

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