African Women in Tech

The facts, figures and world-class innovators

In the article Why Diversity Matters in Tech (Forbes 2016), author Murray Newlands mentions that women make up less than a third of employees at the world’s biggest tech companies. This is not an encouraging statistic, but it does affirm the idea that we all need to drive change in the pursuit of diversity in the industry.

Women are grossly underrepresented in the world of tech and face a number of barriers in the workplace, such as a comparative lack of mentors and female role models, gender bias, less pay and fewer growth opportunities than their male counterparts — formidable challenges for any woman wanting to make a mark in the technology sector.

However, while the above paints a fairly bleak picture, we’re also seeing the landscape slowly changing for the better. This infographic highlights various efforts across the continent, and the women making waves in the industry.

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