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What’s in it for NONA?

Obviously not all companies can function in this way, but the continuing development of collaborative technologies has certainly opened up new possibilities.

Happier Employees

We’ve found the more we trust our staff, the happier they are, and importantly, they are in charge of creating an environment that encourages optimal performance. Also, the slog of the daily commute is no longer relevant, which has afforded employees more hours in the day to pursue hobbies and spend time with their loved ones.

The Best Talent

It’s enabled us to attract talented people who can work independently. When remote work is an option, it opens doors to talent globally, while at the same time mitigating any possible issues with working permits. Good developers are far and few, but the scope now is so much broader.

Lower Overheads

Fewer beating hearts in the office means fewer overheads and provisions. At NONA, we still have a few people in-office on a regular basis and our overheads haven’t reduced dramatically, but there is definitely room for saving.

How NONA is doing it

As one of our remote-working developers correctly pointed out, there are a few crucial considerations if this model is to work. Constant communication between project leaders is an absolute must; hiring the right trustworthy talent with the right attitude; and no micromanagement of projects.

Collaborative tech

We use JIRA for project management, Trello workboards, Slack chats and groups, and Google Hangouts calls, which make it easy for us to keep in touch on a frequent basis. Technologies like Github are naturally collaborative and make development and remote QA easier.

Hot desks

It’s great to have the option of working remotely but the office remains open to staff who want to come in and make use of whatever they need. We also provide free lunch to all in-office staff. As far as possible, the team gets together twice a week on what we call in-office days. This of course doesn’t apply to our staff who might be out of the country at any given time.

How has it worked for NONA?

Productivity consistency.

Measured in terms of tasks completed during a sprint, we saw a stable output of tasks with similar workload allocations.

Smiles abound

We distributed Google forms to all employees to gauge sentiment and satisfaction. Our team, who had the choice to respond anonymously, was overwhelmingly in favour of the policy and offered valuable insight into how we could improve the processes. These included suggestions of compulsory in-office days for those in the country and company-wide standups to keep everyone grounded in the NONA culture.


We are a leading software development studio focussing on Fintech, Blockchain and Logistics. Contact:


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We are a leading software development company with a focus on blockchain and smart contracts based in CT, South Africa.



We are a leading software development studio focussing on Fintech, Blockchain and Logistics. Contact: