An overview of recent Sitecore versions/upgrades

By: Sitecore MVP Amanda Shiga

Learn about the evolution of the platform through its recent releases:

Sitecore has seen impressive growth with each subsequent release of the product. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the transition to a strategic marketing focus, most notably in analytics and personalization, is especially evident with the recent release of Sitecore 8.

With Sitecore 8 readily available, the time to embark on your Sitecore upgrade is now. First though, you will want to develop an understanding of where you are in the Sitecore road map, to help in determining what has to be done to get you there.

The following table outlines the key differences and advancements in the most commonly deployed versions of Sitecore as of Q1 2015, with the timeframes of each major and minor release. Generally, Sitecore releases a minor update once or twice a quarter, and a major update twice a year, with the latest two, 7.5 and 8.0, released in quick succession.

Major Sitecore versions & Distinguishing features

“second generation DMS”

  • Major upgrades to Page Editor and DMS functionality

“content scalability”

  • Massive content scalability with buckets
  • New search provider model
  • Publishing performance improvements and published related items

“analytics scalability”

“next generation experience management platform”

  • Next generation DMS on top of xDB
  • All new analytics reporting, testing and customer experience management (rebranded “Sitecore XP”)
  • New interface

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