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017: Playing Catch Up

This is a continuation of a series following along with my learning journey for GraphQL + Insomnia. Find the source code to follow along with here.

I took the weekend off from GraphQL to focus on a course on penetration testing. That’s a completely different monster than API development, for sure. I’m also gearing up to run a promotional challenge on Instagram for my fitness business and the prep work has taken an inordinate amount of time from my learning and coding. As hoth of those things currently hold much of my attention, I’ll be limiting much of my work in GraphQL until I finish the course and complete the challenge.

As it is, I’m playing catch-up. So I’m using this time to peruse through and organize the many links that were shared during the GraphQL Contributor Days meetup. There were a fair amount of github projects shared, highlighting the ongoing work of various GraphQL developers. A few libraries that were abandoned have been taken over and placed in the hands of more active maintainers. There’s an attempt to get more activity going behind the scenes of GraphQL development.

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