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021: Looking into TypeScript to Augment a GraphQL API

This is a continuation of a series following along with my learning journey for GraphQL + Insomnia. Find the source code to follow along with here.

Yesterday, I concluded that I would be looking into TypeScript to strengthen my approach to GraphQL. GraphQL is all about types … ish, and it makes sense that it would go hand-in-hand with TypeScript, as far as I understand the two.

Problem is, I don’t understand the two very well. But that’s what this journey’s all about! I dove in to the TypeScript docs today to get a refresher, and I have a TypeScript book I purchased from to work through. I think I can get through this content fairly quickly, considering I have a good grasp on JavaScript. The fun will be in implementing it all.

In the meantime, I’m going to find a few REST APIs that I think will play nicely with each other, in addition to the Star Wars API, and begin designing a schema. I have some rather ambitious goals in conjunction with the cybersecurity work I’ve been getting myself into, and those goals won’t come to fruition unless I put all this knowledge to practice.

So, TypeScript and its relevance to GraphQL is my point of focus over the next few days, alongside designing a schema which, I think, I can use the Insomnia Designer. We shall see.




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