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001: Diving Into GraphQL and Insomnia

With little experience and a lot of what I’ve come to term “code rambling,” I’ve decided to spend the next 100 days focused on learning how to design APIs, test them, and learn and integrate GraphQL in those projects where it will be most useful.

Over the past year, I’ve learned JavaScript from scratch, seeking out and consuming content from those purists that I could find; I’ve created two Discord bots; and have attempted to build some shit, steering clear of dependencies in my projects wherever possible. And all of this has gone a long way in helping to shape me into a strong JavaScript programmer.

However, my projects are a mess.

While my code is clean and runs quickly, it doesn’t do a whole lot. I’ve gone on major tangents: learning basic server administration, studying up on Nginx and reverse proxies, creating my own VPN and CA, and a myriad of other shit from which I acquired much knowledge but did little in the way of setting me up to not only build something cool, but also preventing me from contributing to open source projects.

Up to this point, I feel only mildly accomplished and entirely unmotivated to push myself in any one direction because I have no clear idea on what to focus on. This, however, changed yesterday morning.

I stumbled across this video and was totally blown away by how quickly an API was set up with endpoints being tested. In my little solitary bubble, I’ve only dreamed of having the competency to build as quickly and effectively from scratch. Over the course of the 10 minutes or so that I watched, I became aware of how little I actually knew about API design and resolved to improve that. As a result, I decided that my point of focus over the next 100 days will be to learn better API design and how to test the APIs I build.

It’s helpful to be imbued with purpose.

Over the next 100 days, I intend to learn the ins and outs of GraphQL, Jest, and Insomnia. At a glance, all three appear to be overwhelming, considering the little I know about each of them. However, I do well with immersion, and know that by focusing on these tools specifically, I will be able to learn a great deal about API design and testing. I need this for me, and I need this for my project. So here we go …

Day 1: I signed up for a course on GraphQL through edX and the Linux Foundation and have worked through the Welcome module and Chapter 1. From there, I’ve started working through 36 Concepts for GraphQL, and will continue through each resource until I’ve completed every section before going on through the course. As part of my commitment to using Insomnia every day, I opened up the app and made a test request to a sample website I’ve slowly been cooking up. After having done all of this, I’ve come to realize that these tools may not be nearly as overwhelming as I initially anticipated. I may be up and running with them sooner than I thought.




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