BrowserStack: new testing platform

Kishor Munot
Oct 4 · 4 min read

BrowserStack is the testing platform, to test web and mobile applications. Testers test the product on various browsers or mobile devices to make sure the web or mobile application is working well. BrowserStack helps testers to test their product. We can test a web application in multiple browsers and mobile applications in all mobile devices without any virtual machines, devices, and emulators.

When it comes to a mobile application, we can test the Android and iOS mobile applications.

What is BrowserStack

Browser Stack is a cloud-based testing tool. Using this tool, developers and testers can do cross-browser testing of various web and mobile applications in different web browsers.

In real-time, it is difficult to test an application in different browsers using multiple operating systems, with various versions. It will cost a lot to buy many computer machines to install different operating systems. It is even more difficult to buy all the android and iOS mobile devices that are available in the market today. Due to this reason, it is not practical to buy and set up all the devices.

Thus, we go with the BrowserStack to avoid the complexity of switching between the operating systems, browsers, and different versions.

When it comes to mobile application testing, we can avoid buying all the mobile devices that are available today. Browser Stack is very flexible and scalable. We can test anywhere and anytime with the help of Browser Stack.

How to use Browser Stack

BrowserStack provides four services to users like Live, App Live, Automate, App Automate.

Web Application Testing

We will see the OS list on the left side of the page. We can select any operating system from the left side and after selecting the browser we can test our product on the respective browser.

If you wish to test the application on a different resolution, then click on the resolution icon, where a list of the available resolution will appear, you can select the required one and continue with testing.

We also can create a bug with the help of BrowserStack. You can highlight the issue by using different options like rectangle, circle, pencil, etc. Now, you can create a bug in different bug reporting tools after selecting a reporting mode.

Mobile Application Testing

We need to upload our mobile application in ‘App Live’ mode. After uploading the app we can test our application on various devices without any virtual machine. We can install our app from the play store or the app store too.

Testing Mobile applications

Automate the web application through Selenium Scripts

Let’s write the Selenium scripts and do automation testing in the Browser Stack. Download and install the latest version of Java. Download and install the latest version of Eclipse or another IDE.

We need to get the user name and access key from the Browser Stack. To get this, log in with the browser credentials, go-to products, and click on Automate. Observe the user name and access key on the left-hand side.

Now, add all jar files to your new project.

In the above script, I have created two variables Username and accesskey. Now, set your requirement capability and test the application on various browsers by running the test case in the editor.

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