Everyone needs a Champion !

Sometime back me and my team created the values of our company.

To be honest, I was advised by many people that we should have the values of our company carved out on Day1 of the operations. However, for a good amount of time we couldn’t figure out our values. So, when we set out to find our values all we did (or even could do) was look back.

And one fine day it struck us — it was the repetition of how we worked with each client that will help us figure out our values. And then it dawned on us! It was pretty simple though — Make money and / or Make time for client.

Think about it. Why were we making mobile apps or helping setup Hadoop clusters ? At the end of the day, clients wants to make money and / or save time (be more efficient rather in whichever manner, which ultimately saves time).

This helped us in a long way. We could garner the pulse of the clients and deliver what exactly they were looking for since we anticipated the end result they are looking for. Hence, every time we dealt with any client, we always championed our values — make money for client and / or make time for client. It worked !

But the picture doesn’t end here.

We were fortunate enough to learn another important value — “A great business doesn’t just champion its own values — it champions its clients’ values.”

In particular, this meant solving problems for our clients that in-turn make their clients’ experience a better one.

Of course, it’s easy to say you want to instill a customer-centric mindset — who would deny the importance of that :-)

As Kathy Sierra writes in Badass: Making Users Awesome, “your customers don’t care about your product or service all that much. They care about what it helps them do. But most companies aren’t focused on that part:

Users care about being awesome at the context your product or service lives in, not the product or service itself. People generally want to be good at photography, for example, not at cameras. You can champion your customer’s values by helping make them successful at the broader context in which your product or service exists.”

So, now we add another to our set : Champion clients’ values!

We’re now always trying to think ahead by a couple steps, and create products / services that make the client experience better for the people who in turn are buying from our clients.

So,now we have 2 values :-)

Figuring out your own values help, but you need to champion them as well !