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Flutter web: Change page titles dynamically

When we run the flutter web app on the tab of the browser we see “Flutter Demo” by default, But we can change it through MaterialApp Widget like this.

title: 'My App',
theme: ThemeData(
home: HomeScreen(),
Default title
After Changing to My App

This will remain the same throughout. But we needed it to change each time user goes to a new screen or changes the tab. we came across two different methods of changing titles.

Using SystemChrome
SystemChrome class provides setApplicationSwitcherDescription method that will change the title. It can be used by the setWebTitle() method when have to change the title.

void setWebTitle(String titleName) {
label: titleName,
primaryColor: 0xffaaaaaa, // Color is required

Using title widget
The title widget is a simple solution. Just need to wrap any widget with the title

color: 0xffaaaaaa, // Color is required
title: 'Flutter New Title',
child: Scaffold(
appBar: AppBar( title: Text("New Title"),),
body : ...

Complete Code :




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