Flutter Will Be The First Choice For Developing Cross-platform Mobile Applications .


How I met with Flutter ?

We at NonStopIO started exploring flutter last year in july and Sumit M introduced me to Flutter in August. That time I was developing cross-platform app using Ionic but I was not happy with the performance mostly with startup time. So I started exploring Flutter .

But it was quite challenging in the beginning because I could not find any tutorials or blog etc.

This was the first result on youtube for “Flutter”.

But still I was so impressed with performance I kept on exploring flutter via Flutter docs .

Work DONE Already !

After a week or so I was so happy with my progress that I was able to recreate the same app which I was developing with Ionic with Flutter in 50% of the time . [ May be it was less than 50% ]

That time I realised that Flutter is Awesome. I started giving more time to Flutter.

🔥 Hot Reload — A Cool Feature

I am using “CRTL + S” for Hot Reload

Here I am changing color,text or logic at run-time and triggering hot reload .

I am able to make change to flutter app while the app is running and Flutter will only reload the code which has changed all this happens in less than a second.This is I think one of the most popular feature of Flutter that its FAST [ and SMART ].

Widget ! Widget ! Widget !

In flutter , everything is widget . Flutter make it very easy to develop cool UI design as it provide a large list of both Material Widgets [ Android Martial Design ] and Cupertino Widgets [ IOS Design ] .

Expressive, beautiful UIs

Flutter uses Dart and Dart is really easy to understatnd if you experience in any Object oriented language . Lets see the code differnece between Android code and Flutter code.

Flutter [1 file]
Android [ 3 Files]
Flutter (left) | Android (right)

So from above images you will get that in Flutter have only one file for logic and design so its easy for devloper to maintain the references . Personally I hated these statments :

FloatingActionButton fab = findViewById(R.id.fab);
counterText = findViewById(R.id.counter);

As I need not to maintain many files it make easy to make changes in design and as well as in logic.

Turn on the flash light 💡

Make your app come to life with platform APIs, 3rd party SDKs, and native code. Flutter lets you reuse your existing Java, Swift, and ObjC code, and access native features and SDKs on iOS and Android.

Now there are so many plugins/pakages to get you started @ Flutter Packages like firebase,connectivity and device sensors etc.


I have worked/explored almost all Cross-platform Mobile Applications frameworks BUT if I need to develop an Cross-platform Mobile Application , Flutter Will Be The First Choice.

Comment down below what is your first choice for Cross-platform Mobile Application.