Follow through — Follow up: From cricket lessons to company profits

During my journey as an entrepreneur, I have met some phenomenal people who have driven their businesses to great heights. I like to meet such people regularly and keep learning from them.

Few years back I went to my hometown to attend a wedding. Fortunately, I bumped into my Cricket coach at the wedding. (yeah…I was a good seamer, once :D)

After exchanging a few pleasantries , he asked me how was my follow — through. I didn’t understand his question and asked him to decipher. He said how many people I meet per week and how many I really follow up with.

I wasn't sure where exactly he was going, but I kept on listening.He continued. “Remember I used to say that a bowler is never a good bowler unless he has an excellent follow through”.

I pictured the following in my mind -

Any bowler who bowls a delivery must end it with a follow through. Unless he does that, he cannot deliver an excellent delivery. See the above pic. It has 3 major phases. Run up, delivery and follow through. If he skips the last part, the chance of his delivery reaching where he intended is very less.

You can paint a similar picture for the batsman too. You can read about the physics behind it here

“Yeah, I remember. But what about it. I mean, how does it matter now ?”

“If you take follow-through in every delivery, then why not follow-up with every individual you meet”, he said.

He was absolutely right!

People open up , talk about themselves, their work, their dreams and sometimes discuss business, only when one develops a relationships with them. I have learnt that following up with people is the quickest way of developing relationships. Of course it does not have to be lunch date every time. A simple hi-hello also does suffice, but with some personalize content.

Using this simple technique of “follow-up”, today we are fortunate enough to build a solid pipeline of leads and which has eventually resulted in revenues and profits.

Many people say amazing things when I meet them. They open up their network, pass me the contacts of other people who in-turn open up their network. The drama continues. But, without a proper follow-up, I can’t reach to a significant ending.

My business mentor (Mr.Atul Joglekar) once said — Fortune is in the follow up!

Be it a game of cricket or business, follow it through :-)

btw, I use Zoho’s CRM to keep track of my contacts & leads and I use drift to gather leads from my company website