My Internship Journey at Nonstop

Anushka Jadhav
Aug 24 · 5 min read

University asked us to do these ‘Summer Internships’ to understand how the industry works and how the design work is done. With two online interviews, I was introduced as a ‘Design Intern’ to the team. I was very much excited to start my new journey and learn lots of new things.

Let me start by introducing the people I know here at Nonstop.

Team Nonstop

Here is the team. Um! I’d say a Family instead!
Sumit, Saurabh & Anuj are the people I closely work with.
My day starts with a message or a call from Anuj to discuss my task for the day. And my week ends with one on one session conducted by Sumit, where I talk about my work, my insights, my observations, and the tasks for the upcoming week. Saurabh is the one who watches my work and gives feedback.
Apart from these, I’ve been working closely with Aditi. She’s the one who takes care of everyone’s birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.

Maybe a week after I started my internship, I received a parcel. Little that I know, it was a box full of eateries sent by Nonstop! It was such a wonderful surprise!

A warm welcome by the team.

There’s a lot to tell about Nonstop and my experience here. But let us keep it simple and small.

Initially, I had a one on one session with Sumit. It was an interview, from my side, to get to know about Nonstop’s journey from the very start. But I think it was a very informal kinda call where we discussed how he and Saurabh met and how they ended up starting a company! It was a part of my research tho, but he taught me many things unknowingly, believing in our decisions, staying invested, focusing on what we want & working hard.

I remember, there was this lesson that I learned in high school — “The person who moved my life.” Well, for me, there exists ‘n’ number of people who have moved my life & who have been an inspiration. Sumit is one of them. There’s not a single day that he hasn’t encouraged me or have pushed me to design better stuff. And the best part is, he does this for everyone in the team! and I guess, sometimes a word as small as ‘Thank you’ can make someone work harder and better.

When I look back, I see how nicely I have groomed. I learn new things EVERY DAY & I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful team.
I have heard people saying how a UI/UX designer should not do the work of a Graphic designer but, does that make any difference? This work is helping me build my skills. What I know about After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma now is much more than what I knew earlier.

Also, I never wanted to work in any startup. I always wanted to work in a well-established company but, now I see how work is done here at Nonstop. How there’s no leader & everyone is equal. Now I realize how the growth of a single person can make the company grow here. And maybe someday I’d like to be that person in some startup-based company.

I never thought my three months internship would come to an end so soon. Thanks to Covid haha!

With building better products, Nonstop brings the best in People, no matter what your background is, a designer or a developer.
I am totally and truly blessed to be a part of Nonstop. Thankful forever : )

There are lots of similar things between UI design and Graphic design, but UI is designed based on UX.

I helped Anuj in creating some assets for the projects following client requirements. I realized most of the work is based on their requirements and not on user research. I remembered my Professor’s words — “Your batch will probably be the first batch of UX design graduates (B.des).” Although there was nothing for me that was related to UX, Sumit suggested me to interview him to gain insights for creating a Portfolio of Nonstop. I did not create any questionnaire for the same but started asking the question from his answers, following the Socratic questioning method (questioning with WHY’s unless you find the root cause, also called root cause analysis). I took the notes as well. Along with this, we used to discuss the color palette and about the Logo as Nonstop was about to change its logo. Discussing, what color would be good and why what logo to choose from different versions, and why.

My role as a UI designer was to create a set of icons, illustrations, and some screens. I have learned many things here like —

  1. Before designing any icon, we should think of the user. If I am creating an icon for opportunity I have to think about the different things that are related to opportunity in context with the idea of building that particular feature in an app.
  2. While creating illustrations, one should not use any content, your illustration should speak for itself. Like if I am creating an illustration for ‘no invites’ I should NOT write ‘no invites’ instead, I should come up with something that would convey my message.
  3. Considering the color palette while designs any asset is very much important.
  4. Most importantly, I started creating animated icons! in After Effects. Creating things in After Effects is difficult and a lot confusing but with practice everything gets better! I have been working on Adobe Illustrator for creating illustrations. I used Illustrator in past but only while designing assignments but, now I have good knowledge of using AI. Figma! when I look back, I realize I have learned a lot in Figma — along with designing and prototyping I’ve been using plugins for micro-interactions, mockups & removing the background. I’ve been creating illustrations and playing with different features of Figma!

As a Graphic designer work, I’ve created some LinkedIn posts and banners for different social media platforms. Designing part is the same as UI designing but what I think is before creating anything as a part of UI we need to think about the User (how they feel) and for creating graphic templates we need to push ourselves to create eye-pleasing content to attract the users.

After all, design is all about how the user feels after seeing/interacting with the design (either attractive or user friendly, or both of them at times).


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