Things to consider before developing a mobile app

Since past 2 years I am involved in web & mobile apps development at my company. We have done some pretty good work too (ahhhh….i know).

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So, invariably we get a lot of requests for mobile apps development. However, sometimes after much brain storming it occurs to them an app is not the right fit for them. Perhaps a desktop based or browser based solution can also solve the problem.

So, I decided to put down a checklist one should go through before developing a mobile app.

Here we go

Is the user going to use the app multiple times ?
This is a very important factor ! A user may not want to download an app if he is going to use your service once or twice in a lifetime. In such cases, people would be happy to visit your website and get the work done, instead of wasting the precious space in their mobile phones.

Eg: Paying a life insurance premium once in year, does not require the user to have a mobile app., a simply web portal would do the job.

Is your app user really ‘mobile’ ?
 Is the person who is going to use the app really ‘mobile’. I mean, is he going places & then using the app, or is he stationary and can simply use the comfort of his office/house to use the application ?

Eg: Accounting & ERP based solutions are classic examples here. Generally these are office based solutions and user would generally NOT use them outside of their office. Moreover, such solutions are require many operations (workflows) and small mobile screen would not do justice.

PS: Kindly note that making a mobile app for a smaller use case would still make sense. Say, a mobile app that scans the QR code of assets located at different locations and updates the status on remote server. 
In this case, the entire solution is consumed as web portal, but few uses are catered by mobile apps.

Is the user comfortable with small screen ?
There can be use cases wherein the limited screen size can be an issue. For eg: People like civil architects, artisans, spreadsheet ninjas, etc may not want to do their hardcore work on mobile apps as the small screen and processing power of the mobile can hinder their output.