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When is testcase automation required?

Automation Testing

Hello Readers,

We all know that testing is an important part of the software development life cycle, and testing any product is done in two ways, manual and automation. Both manual and automation are and will be an integral part of testing. If you’ve ever worked on a project where the end goal is to provide quality applications for clients, you know how important proper testing is. Now imagine the significance on a much bigger scale that only grows as new clients come in, and better and better solutions are required. At some point, it’s time to spice up your good old manual testing with automation to keep up with the higher and higher QA demand. But know the question is when to move the automation phase and when automation is not required or doing automation is a wastage of time.

To Automate or not to automate

When it comes to adding automated testing to a project, among the first considerations is this question: is it worth it? Automation tests are fast, more reliable, and reusable but automation of test cases does not overcome all the problems in the product, so whether you invest your time and money in automation. Automation does not overpower or replace Manual Testing but it compliments it. Like Manual, Automation needs a strategy with proper planning, monitoring & control. Automation, when implemented correctly, can become an asset to the team, project, and ultimately to the organization.

Manual Test cases should be in place before starting for automation of cases because the selection of correct test cases for automation is a skill and incorrect selection of test-case for automation is a wastage of time.

Selection of TestCases

Automation testers and manual testers or developers should discuss why we need automation and review the test cases that have been selected for automation because sometimes, after the decision of automation, you may encounter complications due to the complexity of functionality, wrong framework design, or wrong tool selection. Incorrect selection of test cases may require you to return to the manual.

We may use all of them on the project, we may use only some of them, depending on the project scope. Let’s look at what kind of automated test types we are using in our QA.

Smoke test suite

The main purpose of automating smoke tests is to ensure that the basic features are not disturbed by the new work you have deployed from time to time. For automation, you need to choose the right smoke test. In Smoke Test Suite you should choose basic tests which if not passed the user will not be able to use your application. You can design a smoke test suite framework in Selenium, cypress, or Appium quite nicely.

Functional logic automated tests

The purpose is mainly to validate the functional logic of websites like forms, search, pop-up windows, and basic functional validation checks.

Visual automated tests

We can automate UI tests and ensure that any new UI change will not surprise us as well as end-user. The purpose is to validate the design of developed functionalities continuously to avoid defects.

Performance tests and API tests

To assure that your application will not crash during the big load of users after you go live, I strongly recommend preparing and executing performance tests. JMeter is a nice tool to perform performance tests.

API tests are other areas where you should put your focus on the development of automated tests. It is a good idea to also test APIs separately and APIs within integrations. For example, with the front end for the search of website it means what kind of results are displayed, what response format we are getting from APIs, etc.

Security testing

Security testing is a complicated topic and not easy to cover. We need cloud services, and various web servers to do security testing so most of the times security testing is done by specialized companies. I wrote an article on security testing here if you are interested in it you can check it.

Regression Tests

Regression testing is a software testing practice that ensures an application still functions as expected after any code changes, updates, or improvements. Regression testing is responsible for the overall stability and functionality of the existing features. Regression tests automation needs much time to automate so the selection of regression tests is very important.

If you are thinking about automation, I would suggest that you put everything you are thinking of as an automation tester in a good Proof of Concept (POC) that will help you understand your questions and find a way to get answers.

# Final Verdict #

There is vast space for automated tests in the development process. With automated tests, you can get rid of a lot of repetitive “pain” from testers.

On another hand, don’t over-rely on automated tests. You still can’t replace manual testing since it is faster for a one-time test than directly writing automated tests for it. There is still no AI involved in automated tests which would be able to substitute the human brain, despite some people trying to name everything AI. That is why functionality always should be at first tested manually and then covered by automated regression and smoke

If you are starting automation for your web project and you want to know more about web automation then you can check my blog here.

Please share your feedback in the comments.

Thank you.

Short Story: Manual and Automation together increase the chances of winning.

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