Why should learning happen more on Mobile Apps ?

There are 3 major reasons as to why learning should move to mobile apps -

1: Continuous Learning : When any thing is done repeatedly, its stays with you longer. Learning is no exception. An avg human spends 3–4 hours on mobile phones today. Mobile is available 24*7. If the learning course is available on a mobile app, the user can refer to it anytime and anywhere. Moreover, using in-app notifications the app can re-direct the user to practice after regular intervals.

2: Fun Learning (gamification) : Everyone loves Games. Games tend to challenge you and motivate you. By introducing a bit fun part into learning, learners tend to feel at ease and absorption power increases manifold. Moreover, giving feedback becomes easier in games and users take the feedback positively. Mobile apps can easily accommodate games and it’s lot easier to play small intellectual games on mobile than on desktop.

3: Engaged Learning : The human brain learns in various ways. The things that we see, hear, touch are more easily stored in our brain and we tend to recollect them faster. Hence while learning anything new its good to have audio, visual and touch sensory involved. Mobile apps can include all of these and build a great experience around the whole syllabus.