Body Language and Classroom Management

After researching how body language impacts teaching, I found that they are strongly related. There are many things that teachers can do nonverbally to create an engaging environment for students. The more engaged that students are in the classroom, the more likely they are to succeed. Ron Benner, a school psychologist, said the following: “The successful teacher blends both verbal and nonverbal communication skills in establishing good rapport with students and this has a direct correlation to student achievement.”

Having control in the classroom is very important for teachers, and body language helps to achieve this. Posture is one aspect of this. Standing up straight while addressing the class helps to show respect for students. Eye contact is also important, so avoiding barriers also helps when addressing students. By avoiding barriers, students can feel more open to approach the teacher, or ask questions. A simple gesture such as smiling helps to show happiness and encouragement.

Here is a link to an article I found online about body language and classroom management: