Git and GitHub auto completer with interactive help

Although standard git cli is good, gitsome is even better! At least who wants the luxury of not memorizing hundreds of commands and focus more on development, gitsome is a must try CLI for them. And the good thing is, this integrates with GitHub which reduce the stress to toggle between CLI and browser again and again. Without any further ado, let’s install it.


sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo -H pip3 install gitsome

You’re done with installation! Now lets test it. Run this to enable gitsome CLI:


Try writing anything, you’ll get command suggestions! Cool, right?

Lets run git and press space to get git specific command suggestions with brief description. Select using up/down arrow and press enter to apply.

As it integrates GitHub, lets see what it offers. run gh and press space to see available commands. Don’t forget to explore all of those:

These ain’t all. gitsome offers more cool stuffs. Check donnemartin’s repository to know more about configurations and features. Be Git awesome (gitsome) ! ❤

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