Hello Noob Learning

Feb 16, 2019 · 2 min read
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Noob Learning

I admit that I totally noob in Machine Learning fields, so in 2019 I tend to learn and will blog what I will learn and also build new product related to its along the way.

Actually it’s my first try (about product) but it’s not seem to solid (and make money) enough to wasting my time on it. Anyway I decide to give a shit to my perfectionist and build something cool this year. Yeah!

Oh! And I just realized that there’s a way to make some $ to support this project.

So end of Q1 I should have MVP, Q2 for pilot, Q3 for scale, Q4…investor? naa maybe just funding or donation if I’m lucky enough. But even zero profit I should learn something from this side project for sure (judge from 2018 Blockchain side project is kinda success and get some funding already)

An idea

My rough idea is a card+quiz which help us (me actually) to remember things permanently and evaluate us at the same time. It could be an app and maybe real physical cards as merchandise.

Unique Features

  1. Cool/Easy to use/minimal design for best UI/UX.
  2. Tokenized card and also royalty point on Blockchain.
  3. Use ML to predict which card to drop for each user (maybe use similarity).
  4. Fun gamification obviously because it’s quiz game.

Distributed Systems

  1. Dot : At the end I will have from zero to hero user data.
  2. Link : So I can matching and retarget ads to each level of users and also each dot will link each other with gamification (duel battle!).
  3. Mesh : Then token economics should help me scale (hopefully).

Leaked screenshots

Oh there are some leaked ss ;D, There’re not reflect final product but should get you some ideas ;)

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Actually it should be ML quiz, not Docker ;D

If it’s turn out well…na! it should turn out well anyway! I kinda have a high hope for this one. (•̀ᴗ•́)و


Noob Learning

It’s good to be noob so we can learn and have fun ;)

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