Starting from the Bottom, again…

When Admin Kills Creativity

I’ve been through it about five times in my life so far, and I’m sure there will be many more times to go.

That sense of having to starting from the bottom all over again.

I felt it when I started High School, when I started Primark after college, when I got my first real job at Fleishman Hillard South Africa and when I started, I even felt it when I started Third Planet, but it only really hit home when I had to start doing all the grunt work we used to give to interns to do (I’m sorry interns, I know it sucks).

Running a business is usually because you found something you love doing and you want to live off of that love.

What they don’t tell you a lot of the time is that you’ll need to do some painful things too.

I’m not talking about the metaphorical sacrifice or the staying up late (Don’t get me wrong, you’ll do a lot of that too), I mean crap, I mean things like accounting, admin and all that other stuff that you don’t want to do, but need to do for the functioning of your little enterprise.

Waiting in a bank to try get a company credit card, writing mounds of fluff documents, pages of website copy or decks that you’ll need to legitimise your company name, rolls of research around that client you’re about to pitch to, boxes of receipts and books filled with account information and expenses (I exaggerate a bit)

This is your trial, the fees you need to pay to be able to operate in something new to you. Social media isn’t new to me, but starting a “new” business will always have the birthing pains, everything from a new website and logo, to your company mythos and credential decks.

Know this, would-be / not so would-be, entrepreneur, you will have to pay your dues in mountains of admin that come with anything you’re going to try and pursue, but know that once it passes, you’ll be better equipped and prepared to take on your new challenges and find your future clients.

Never Give up! There are worse things for you to want to give up over than some painful admin.

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