Tips to index backlinks in 2017

Backlinks are the main backbone in ranking and gaining organic traffic of our website on the search engines. We mainly create backlinks to optimize our website, but we are unaware of this fact that it is very important to index the backlinks also. If our backlinks are indexed properly then only we can get benefits. Without indexing backlinks, a website cannot get full profit.

So keeping this thing in mind we have created some major tips and tricks so that you can easily index your backlinks and gain a huge popularity on the search engines.

Tips for Indexing Backlinks

Following are some basic yet useful steps to index the backlinks fast and get great benefits from it.

1.Submit link to Google:

Most of us are aware of this fact that Google fetch is the tool that is used by Google to fetch new and old url of our website but there is another role of this tool that many of us don’t know. Another function of this tool is to index those links that aren’t related to our website. It means that we can easily submit our backlinks on the Google, no matter we are we are registered with it or not. Google will index the URL in minutes. Read More…