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Nooor talks: Eugene Romanenko

“The era of government-controlled unsound money fraud was over with glory-less and shame when Bitcoin came.”

— was one of our hosts during the ChainPoint 19 Conference.

Being the #1 Crypto Emcee in the CIS area with 72 events covered in 13 cities and 6 countries since 2017, he has more than 3,000 interviews with 20 million views on YouTube. 100 articles published and 10 years of Austrian Economics studies.

By flourishing Chainpoint 19 Conference with his presence and making a set of interviews of the speakers involved, he added his own colors to the grandiose painting of the conference.

Nooor talks, 5 Questions, and Eugene Romanenko. Here we go!

  1. Let’s zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture. How do you perceive blockchain in its current form, and what will it take for it to finally become a globally adopted technology?

Blockchain has been a working technology that gives us the proven opportunity to do some stuff in a decentralized way. It eliminates some crucial negative features of centralized systems which can damage people and, moreover, have “successfully” done that regularly.

Blockchain eliminates ineffective, expensive and potentially dangerous centers from the stage leaving the key functions of the systems working.

The key advantages of blockchain are obvious for developers and technological entrepreneurs. So we need some time to develop more friendly user interfaces of decentralized applications, education and social proof that blockchain-based solutions are far better in key features than the centralized ones.

2. What prompted you to delve into the blockchain industry?

I have dedicated 10 years to Austrian Economics studies. That’s why I have exactly known very well how modern banking system had been constructed more than 100 years ago, who are it’s beneficiaries, how it’s been distorting world economy recent century and provokes crises and why it will collapse inevitable. Its key essence are unsound money, fiat money. I understand clearly that humanity will inevitably return to sound money — private, commodity-based, competitive. That’s my theoretical base.

Till 2009 humanity had no technology for sound money in the conditions when the gold standard has become politically impossible (strictly speaking from the economic point of view, it would have been the best scenario if it was possible like it was in the 19th century, but we should be realistic). Satoshi’s invention — bitcoin — has returned the opportunity to have sound money to humanity. The key feature here is that this solution can neither be controlled nor prohibited by any government, because it is decentralized. The era of government-controlled unsound money fraud was over with glory-less and shame when Bitcoin came. I want to witness this great event. That’s why I am in.

3. What would be your key argument to really trust the blockchain technology and its developers today?

You don’t need to trust anyone. Including the greatest fraudsters in the history of humanity — government and banks. Educate yourself in economics, how the world works, what is the essence of exchange, money, entrepreneurship, banks, and government.

Blockchain is just technology. It’s one of the many ways we do what we do in our life. If it lets us do some things better than other technologies and it works — why should we reject it? By the way, blockchain literally requires you not to trust anyone you work with — it lets you reach your goals in the trustless environment.

4. If a good friend or acquaintance asks you what is special about the Blockchain: What do you answer him?

Imagine any centralized service you use in everyday life: bank, notary, government real estate ledger and so on. Yes, it works when you need it, not so bad, but it’s inefficient and costs a lot.

These problems exist by one reason — because acting center exists.

It’s the so-called point of failure. Then make a mental experiment: eliminate the acting center but leave the working function of the system. Money transfer — without banks and so on. How can it be possible? With blockchain. Blockchain is the technology that lets us solve usual life tasks in other architectural ways — without inefficient centers, in a decentralized way.

5. As you were a part of CP19, what can be the feedback about the Country and its potential to become a leader in the blockchain space?

I`ve been observing our borderless crypto-industry in recent years. It’s obvious that there is no country in the world with no reaction to the new technological reality. It’s obvious too, that small countries without resource diseases are much more progressive in these issues than bigger ones. Why? Because people there understand the potential economic advantages of blockchain adoption very well. While China, Russia or the USA are trying to ban crypto-industry unsuccessfully, small clever countries are competing for future blockchain-related entrepreneurs.

Armenia has been traditionally gathering the best crypto industry people recent two years and I’m totally convinced that Armenia has huge chances to become a very progressive technological blockchain-related hub in the Caucasus.

Stay tuned to our updates as we are preparing for the .



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