The Best and Worst of the Oscars 2017

This Oscar viewing was definitely one of the more memorable in recent years. Here’s the best and worst of Oscars 2017.


  • Mahershala Ali wins best supporing actor: Ali is finally getting some bigger roles. I was first introduced to Ali as Cottonmouth in Luke Cage (Netflix). And throughout the season — he became the strong point of the show. After seeing Moonlight, I can agree that this was a well deserved win.
  • Suicide Squad wins an Oscar: One of the crowning moments was when Suicide Squad won an Oscar. Even though it was for best costume design, it was still hilarious. When SS first came out, I heard non-stop bickering about how terrible it was from critics and friends alike. And through all of that…I didn’t think it was THAT bad. There were moments that I actually really liked (i.e. Will Smith, Cap. Boomerang and mostly the few minutes we saw of batman). It definitely wasn’t anything to write home about and has some extremely cheesy moments (the overuse of every single song ever made), but I don’t think it was 26% rotten bad. Regardless, it was still fun to see something with that much negative attention win such a prestigious award as an Oscar.
  • Viola Davis Speech: The speeches this year were pretty lackluster. Every speech except Viola Davis. Her speech after winning best supporting actress in Fences was easily the most inspiring out of the bunch. “We are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”
  • Kimmel v. Damon feud: Jimmy Kimmel did an alright job as host to the Oscars. He was iffy at moments, but it was his first time hosting. I’ll give him a pass. His best moment was easily his continued torment towards Matt Damon. And Damon was a good sport as well. I guess you sort of have to be when you sign up to act in The Great Wall.
  • La La Land wins nearly everything: La La Land was easily my favorite movie of 2016. It was so bright and exuberant. The cinematography was gorgeous and actually made me forget that LA is a smog ridden city where people don’t really dance and sing all of the time. Damien Chazelle needed one more movie about Jazz/music before further pursuit of other genres…and what a way to go out.
  • Emma Stone wins best Actress: She deserved this award. Before La La Land, I had no idea she could sing. And for 2 hours and 8 minutes, Emma Stone made me think she was really in love with Ryan Gosling. Unless…
  • The Fallen Stars: 2016 was a tragically enormous year for celebrity deaths. A lot of really great actors, actress and overall talent passed away (Gene Wilder, Prince, Mohammed Ali, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds etc). I imagine whoever makes this montage is the same person who makes the “Arms of an Angel” dog commercials. *One single thug tear trickles down my cheek*


  • Nicole Kidman hands/ clapping: I can’t think of anything more horrifying than Kidman’s hands looked clapping on Oscar night. What in the hell were those things? If our boy D-Trump was watching — he most definitely would’ve been jealous of those mitts. And the clapping motion was just so off. I think she was just trying to protect her nails though. Regardless — worst clap motion I’ve ever seen, 9.5/10
  • Casey Affleck Best Actor speech: I honestly can’t remember it. Maybe he should’ve had his older brother — the legendary Batfleck come out and rant about deflate gate again. Way more entertaining.
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Hollywood tour bus: Nothing was more cringe-worthy than Kimmel bringing in a bunch of regular joes who thought they were touring a special exhibit of the oscars. Most people would see this as a pretty cool moment. But the segment screamed out, “hey average people! Check out these rich and famous celebrities that you should adore and admire! You’ll never be them!” The celebs looked like they felt a little awkward too. It was a zoo — and one Matt Damon doesn’t own either.
Davis C. Mitchell is going to need to write a formal complaint for that Oscar snub.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal snubbed again: I think it’s high time Gyllenhaal gets some love. And not just from another cowboy (RIP Heath Ledger). In my mind, Jake G is one of the most underrated actors in the game right now. Lately, he’s done some more indie/artistic roles (Demolition/ Nocturnal Animals). And while Nocturnal Animals wasn’t my favorite movie, Gyllenhaal still did a phenomenal job in it. He should’ve at least gotten a nomination for his effort. And what about Nightcrawler? Did anyone else see how intensely terrifying and eerie he was in that? I could go on and on about this (maybe I’ll even write a separate article entirely) but don’t sleep on Jake Gyllenhaal any longer, Hollywood. Give this guy some awards!
  • Best Picture Flub: This was the biggest screw up I have ever seen (you’re finally off the hook Steve). It’s really hard to believe a mistake this big can happen on such a stage. The one thing I don’t want you to take away from this is the credibility of Moonlight. I truly don’t believe this defines the film as a whole. A few people on social media platforms posted that this is what people will remember when they think Moonlight. I have to disagree. It was an incredibly well made film. A friend and fellow Norden-Post writer, Tyler Schuelke, said it best: “They beat the goliath of films in La La Land.” Think of how positive this could be for future films like Moonlight. It sucks that the Moonlight team didn’t get a big Oscar speech — but they were awarded on the grandest stage of them all.

That wraps up the best and worst of Oscars 2017!