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Good things are coming 🤙

Folks, summer is almost here! Weather is warmer than usual and the productivity levels are starting to vary ☀️😃! Yet we have another newsletter from Nordic Sports Tech, let’s see whats new in the Sports Tech world in the North.

Meetups & Events

Startup Extreme in Norway June 24, 25, 26 // Once a year, the most impactful and influential figures in tech journey to Voss, Norway to create Startup Extreme — a festival dedicated to bridging new relationships and fostering the growth of entrepreneurship internationally. A vibrant, humble, and participatory festival — creating an authentic way to showcase the pulse of the Norwegian and Nordic startup ecosystems. It’s an opportunity to celebrate innovators, change-makers, and — together — inspire the future. Get a 25% discount on all tickets type with Nordic Sports Tech — find out more and buy your tickets here.

@Helene / Rainmaking was hosting a sports hackathon together with Danmarks Idrætsforbund (DIF) and Industriens Fond May 3–4. The hackaton brought together 250 bright and passionate individuals that want to change and shape the future of sport at DIF19 SPORT HACK.

@Carsten Couchouron / A unique opportunity to network with international sports federations and the wider international sports stakeholders community. Be part of the Nordic House (exhibition area for Nordic based startups) at The Spot, May 28–29 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Display your product /service and get a free delegate pass to the event, giving you also the opportunity to pitch at the Startup battle. Fee of Eur 1'000 to 1'500 depending on final number of startups participating. There are limited space, please contact @Carsten Couchouron on Slack if you are interested.

@NordicSportsTech / We will be hosting a few meetups around the Nordics before summer. Pay attention to our social media channels and slack for news. Do you want a meetup in your city? Let us know @Ida or @Jakob Wikenstål.

Community Spotlight

The group is growing and we keep onboarding new people to our community. Today we are close to 100. For all those who are new to the community — Welcome, very happy to have you onboard! It would be amazing to learn more about you, if you’re up for taking a few minutes to introduce yourself in #01_introductions. Now let’s have a look at a few people who joined us this month:

@Tommi Ojala/Runteq / Runteq develops technique analyzing wearable sensors and conversational coaching solution for recreational athletes and sports brands.

@Alina (Hooves) / Hooves brings horses into the sharing economy. Their vision is to make the equestrian sport more accessible and affordable. Their team is based in Copenhagen and currently, over 12,000 horse people use the Hooves app in the Nordics.

@Johan Ejermark / Everysport Media Group is a publicly traded Swedish company, focusing on sports and iGaming. ESMG is a leading content provider within sports data, betting tips and sports news. Clients are leading betting companies worldwide, media groups, sports federations and end consumers. Every week, two million visitors interact with their portfolio within Media.

Want to get your own shinty spotlight? You know what to do — let us know.

News and Updates

In this section we bring what we find interesting from slack — articles and stuff. An update from our members, basically.

@Jakob Wikenstal / Will Malmo become the tech hub of Sweden?

@Ato / We have launched our EU project called SENTA at March of 14 in Oslo. SENTA aims to improve the social entrepreneurship skills and competencies of elite and retired athletes with gamification based digital and open training platform. Check it out here.

@Hakan / SPINENT — in this European project, we will develop an open interactive guide and toolkit for young people who want to be a SportsTech entrepreneur. The Interactive Guide and Toolkit will guide young people how to start a technology business in sport sector and how to move a product idea to market quickly and inexpensively. In your opinion, what kinds of contents/tools should be included in this guide and toolkit on technology based sports entrepreneurship?

@Ida / Just looking at a well crafted sports website makes us get this feeling of excitement and adrenaline. We can hear the sound of the waves, feel the enthusiasm of the football match, and get a desire to go for a run. It makes us start dreaming. Let’s have a look at 7 digital design trends we see in sports.

@Jakob Wikenstal / At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Intel and Alibaba will 3D-Map Track and Field Athletes. “The two companies are partnering on an initiative to provide real-time biomechanical analyses by 3D-mapping athletes in five track and field sports, including sprinting and the high jump.” Read more here.


Section supported by

@Forza Football is looking for a HR Director. Apply directly at Forza Football.

@Freeletics is looking for a Chief Product Officer. Find more information here.

@Kinexon is looking for a Sales Manager Sports. Read more about it here.

What is actually going on in our Slack community every day?

People love networking. To be interacting with each other. Nordic Sports Tech is your space to gather, share advice, ask questions, learn, meet friends, and grow professionally!

We have several channels in Slack for various conversations. Here’s an introduction to some of them:

  • #watercooler: This channel is for general community bonding, chit chat, GIFs, photos and videos for us to get to know one another better.
  • #01_introductions: When people first join our Slack, we encourage you to say hi and introduce yourself!
  • #share-your-work: This is a place for us to share the things we make: blog posts, videos, podcasts, websites, e-books, resources, etc. You may also share updates from your products/companies, though please keep these posts more helpful and less pitchy!

There are also channels organized by topics related to tech, design and social media: #creative-work, #digital-marketing, #technology. And we have channnels organized by location #norway, #sweden, #finland, #denmark, #iceland. The goal for these channels is for folks to connect with people in their own city/area, share information about local social media/marketing events, and perhaps even meet up locally!

What a #creative-work discussion may look like:

Ok, that’s it for this month. Bye✌🏻!

Ps. We are doing these monthly, the first week of every month.

Nordic Sports Tech

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Through our slack community, meetups and larger events, we want to fuel the hustle and just do cool stuff. Want to join?🤙

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