Urban Garden — food, culture and community at hostels

Ragna Skøien (No)

Sustainability Coordinator — ragna@hihostels.no, www.hihostels.no


The reasoning behind this project was simply that we wanted to implement an easy access urban hostel garden for guests, staff and neighbours to promote local Norwegian food and the joys of growing things sustainably. Hostelling International is a non-profit worldwide hostel chain that provides safe and reasonable accommodation — with the goal that people should meet and interact. How can one do that better than through eating and getting to know the local food culture where one travels?

For Hostelling International globally, sustainable travel has become more and more important as the years go by, and the organization has ratified a Sustainability Charter as well as been the first accomodation provider in the world to offer so-called Green Rating on their booking engine. This means simply that guests will rate not only the facilities and the welcome at the hostel, but also the hostels’ green measures. To put down an urban garder was for us one step to achieve better green rating as well as doing more to fulfill the Sustainability Charter.

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