”Waisted Food” — Visual approaches to environmental education

Alli Ikonen (Fi)

Stadin ammattiopisto


mail: ikonen.alli@gmail.com

Photo: Max Söderholm


This project is a case based study of environmental education focusing on wasted food as a theme. I am teaching photography at Helsinki Vocational School. In addition I am also responsible of courses of environmental knowledge. For the students the aim of this kind of course, is learn to live and work in a more sustainable way and to understand, how audiovisual tools can help to deal with environmental topics.

I choose waisted food for the theme of my project because of its actuality and student´s own possibility to act with it. It is also one of the topics in Helsinki Vocational school´s Green Flag programme.

In this project I worked with three student groups during spring and autumn 2016. We approached the theme with different visual excercises. With every group I started the course by lecturing and talking with students about environmental effects of food, especially focusing on waisted food. Practical exercices included for example photography documentation of waisted food restaurant, — festival and dinner. Students also made time-lapse –video and food receipes of waisted food.

In my report I use David Kolb´s experimental learnig circle to structure my experiences of learning during this case.

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