Network Consolidation

Copenhagen 12. October 2017

The seminar was arranged by the NVL network “Hållbar Utveckling” and was hold in KPH— projects.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) — Future milestones and strategies

People from all over the Nordic countries with backgrounds in education, organizations, government agencies and business, met in Copenhagen. Twenty of the 46 participants had participated in the two Nordic courses Education for Sustainable Development 2015/2016.

The purpose of the seminar was to share, learn and discuss strategies for how knowledge and good examples can help students, students, colleagues, organizations, agencies, educational institutions and workplaces to experience sustainable development as needed and positive. The target audience were representatives in the field of adult education. The seminar’s goal was to consolidate the foundation for a cross-sectoral, Nordic network of change agents. The network will share knowledge, educational experience and innovation, meet for workshops and debate needs and initiatives in education for sustainable development.

A back-spine for NVL’s work with the field is the Nordic Council of Ministers commitment to make the Nordic region a pioneer region through its programs; like the current “Generation 2030” — the Nordic program for implementing the UN’s 17 global development goals.

An important challenge is finding good methods for implementing UN sustainability goals in daily work.

We had three guest speakers:

Helle Glen Pettersen, Nordisk Ministerråd, Nordisk Ministerråds program og tanker om Utdanning for bærekraftig utvikling.
Arjen Wals, Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at Wageningen University.
Jeppe Læssøe, Professor Århus Universitet.

Under the following pictures you will find the link to their presentations underlined.

The speeches were followed up by an Open Space and future workshop for the network and the participants.

Kirsten Paaby, Arjen Wals, Jeppe Læssøe, Helle Glen Pettersen

Important for the future of the network from Helles presentation:

NVL as Nordic Network for Adult learning is continuing in 2018, but there will be some changes, new host organization, VIA University College, Århus, Denmark. And there will come some new country coordinators.
See the 10 focus areas for the new period 2018–2022 on page 12 and 13 of the slides.
“Promote children´s, young people´s and adult´s competences in regard to climate and sustainable development”. (point 6.)

Arjen Walls — p. 24 in the presentation.

Open space

The open space was facilitated by Susan M. Guerra (NO).

Arrow for the future