Introducing Alexsandra Guerra

What inspired you to work on reversing climate change?

The moment I heard we could reverse climate change. I was 17 years old when I saw Klaus Lackner on the Science Channel talking about “artificial trees” and how they could be used to sequester CO2. Living in south Florida, the year before I had experienced the extreme hurricane season of 2005 when Katrina and Wilma wreaked havoc on the Caribbean and southern United States. At that time, global warming was still plagued with skepticism and zero urgency. However, seeing the effects first-hand and being a lover of science, I felt a deep sense of urgency to do something about our environmental impact if we wanted to preserve our homes.

Why did you join Nori?

Because I felt that the time to take action had finally come. The timing is right, the team is right, and the support couldn’t be better.

Who do you think should be reading this blog post, and why?

Everyone. The like-minded and the skeptics. This is a global problem and needs global support and discussion, without which Nori will not be effective in its mission to reverse climate change.

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about reversing climate change?

That it can’t be done.

What gets you excited about blockchain?

The ability to create new markets with a mission en masse.

What kinds of problems do you like to solve?

I prefer to invest in long-term behavioral challenges that will in the end improve efficiency, quality, or the sustainability of practices. I like to challenge the way we think about the world and its limits and to encourage others to disregard these self/society imposed limits to achieve even more.

What previous experiences did you have that will inform your work at Nori?

Overall, my mixed experience of engineering development, project management, and entrepreneurship will all be valuable experiences to leverage at Nori.

What sorts of things will you be working on with Nori?

Business development, outreach, and marketplace creation

So you have a strong affinity for soup, can you tell us about that?

(Ha!) It’s warm, fragrant, delicious, filling, and hydrating. It’s often a great way to eat lots of vegetables, get tons of fiber and nutrients…. so, what’s not to love?