Nori + Amanda Ravenhill of The Buckminister Fuller Institute podcast recap!

This week’s podcast with Amanda Ravenhill took place in the San Francisco home of The Buckminister Fuller Institute. We knew it was the right place when we saw all the geodesic domes.

Always with the goofy hair; really got to sort my headphone game out.

Dubbed by her husband as “the Queen of Silver Linings”, I can now report that this seems to be the case. Amanda does look on the bright side of climate change, which may be humanity’s biggest risk, but may also be its biggest opportunity to solve multiple problems at once.

Unsurprisingly there is a lot of discussion of Buckminister Fuller and his ideas. Simply put he’s a systems thinker, and on a massive scale. The meatiest crossover with him/Amanda and Nori is how do we turn a zero-sum game, where there is a winner and a loser, into a positive-sum game, with all winners? Nori is an attempt to do exactly this with monetizing carbon removal.

Without a chance for individuals and organizations to materially benefit from removing carbon, the politics of climate change are zero-sum. Environmentalists impose regulation or prohibitions which harm existing business models by costly compliance, or businesses vent unfettered emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. With Nori, entrepreneurs have the ability to make money doing the right thing, and environmentalists get the end-result they want: a positive-sum game.

There is a lot packed into this episode: Burning Man, praise for our beloved Audible, the alleged need for combat in human lives, how we should stop putting off the quest to eat kelp bacon, why Buckminister Fuller would love blockchains, and I once again try to talk a podcast guest into my brilliant idea of building a tube to space where we can pump greenhouse gases. If anyone reading this is from the Nobel Committee, you can send my prize announcement to my Nori email address.

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