Rarible Announces Nori Partner Integration, Empowering Users to Remove Carbon Emissions From NFTs

Nov 30, 2021 · 2 min read

Rarible, a leading multi-chain NFT platform, announced a partnership with Nori, a blockchain-backed carbon removal marketplace, with an integration underway that will allow Rarible users to remove the carbon emissions from their NFTs.

Rarible’s partnership with Nori will empower the NFT community to make positive, real-world environmental impacts with their NFTs. The integration of Nori Carbon Removals into Rarible’s platform will allow users to efficiently address the carbon footprint of NFT purchases. Rarible users will be able to pair Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) with their NFTs, then their NFTs will display a Nori badge showing that they are carbon-negative. The badge will also link to the user’s Carbon Removal Certificate, a blockchain-backed document that transparently displays the carbon removal supplier, verifier, and issuer.

The NFT community has shown increasing interest in addressing the environmental impact of works on the blockchain. Rarible has listened to these concerns and is ready to lead NFT marketplaces in a climate-positive direction. The Nori integration adds an extra layer of meaning to NFTs on Rarible, giving artists and collectors the opportunity to tie real-world climate impacts into their work.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Nori, who is at the forefront of carbon removal for the NFT industry. We are committed to our global community and planet and are actively taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint through cross-chain integrations and offering our members an opportunity to further reduce their footprint through Nori’s transparent carbon removal process.”

- Sunil Singhvi, Rarible’s Chief Business Development Officer

The integration is currently in the development process, and updates on its launch can be found by following Rarible’s Twitter and Nori’s Twitter. In light of Giving Tuesday, Rarible has committed to covering the entire cost of carbon removal for any NFT minted on Rarible from Tuesday, November 30th, until Sunday, December 5th.

“Together, Rarible and Nori are putting the power for real impact and global change into the hands of the people. With all that’s happening in the world right now, the boom of NFTs in the creative space and the urgency to address climate change are at the top of the list for game-changers. By integrating into Nori’s marketplace for carbon removal, Rarible is putting the NFT community right at the center of driving climate action. This means artist-driven, rather than corporate or governmental carbon removal and climate change mitigation.”

- Alexsandra Guerra, Nori Cofounder and Director of Corporate Development

Learn more about Nori at Nori.com.