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Today we’re announcing a new logo as we enter our next growth phase at Nori. We loved our old logo and know many of you felt the same. Its environmental imagery was beautiful and its typography endearingly funky. This past year was a big one for us. As we’ve grown, we’ve realized the logo we loved dearly wouldn’t be able to grow with us. But rest assured — this is not change for the sake of change. So here we are to explain why we decided to evolve it.

Clarifying Nori & NORI

Our first logo led to a lot of confusion with its ALL-CAPS portrayal of our name, Nori. You’re probably thinking “What? That’s such a small thing!”. However, with our upcoming release of the NORI token, we need to make the relationship between “Nori,” the carbon removal marketplace, and “NORI,” our cryptocurrency, crystal clear.

Creating new partnerships

We’ve partnered with more companies and enabled them to bring climate action to their customers. This kicked off awesome marketing opportunities; however, with wide use, we saw our logo wasn’t as versatile as it needed to be. The beautiful scenery became illegible at small sizes, and we only fit nicely in perfectly even containers. We needed our logo to represent us clearly in any context across digital platforms, and it wasn’t doing that.

Showing our commitment

Crypto has always been an integral pillar of Nori’s strategy. However, we haven’t always shown our commitment to crypto like we have our climate pillar. When Nori started, we focused on our climate audience.

Now with our NORI token launch, we want our logo to represent our commitment to both the climate community and the crypto community.

We designed our logo to incorporate the visual symbol for our cryptocurrency, NORI, showing that crypto is fundamental to our mission of reversing climate change.

Telling our story

Nori is a marketplace making it easy for anyone in the world to pay for and get paid for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The arrow symbolizes our commitment to reversing climate change by supporting actions that remove carbon from the atmosphere. We love how its dynamic nature inspires action.

The mountains symbolize nature in a way that doesn’t favor a specific carbon removal methodology. Right now our marketplace supports regenerative agriculture but we will support other carbon removal methods as we grow. Incorporating mountains was also a no-brainer as it represents the landscape surrounding Seattle, our home base.

Emit Less, and Remove the Rest

Our main purpose is to let you know about the logo in this post but we also want to highlight the thoughtful design decisions behind it. Design is integrated into everything we do and during this logo redesign, it was crucial to conveying our mission of reversing climate change through carbon removal.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll see our new logo pop up around our website and marketing materials. We are so excited to share our new logo with you and thank you for supporting us along the way!

Love, The team at Nori

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