8 Awesome Colleagues You Need at the Office

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4 min readJun 8, 2018

Many Elklings at the office

The dynamics in every office are different. Some places are a toxic snake pit webbed in intrigues and gossips, others are quite the fun spot to work at. I have made a small list of awesome people I love having in my office space, joyful specimens that make the job feel less like a labor and more like a friendly gathering of a united fellowship.

1. The eye candy

It is really nice to be surrounded by fortunate looking colleagues. Sometimes you just need to look up from the monitor and appreciate a little bit of human esthetics. A friendly face that can make your day better just by a little sly half-smile.

2. The one that always joins in when you sing

Hey, every now and then you need to release the stress by spontaneously combusting into a synchronized Disney songs acapella. And in these particular moments there is nothing better than a singing buddy to support you in the shape of back-up vocals. It definitely beats all the other angry stares and shout-outs to “Zip it”.

3. The one who is always up for a bit of harmless gossips

Gossips are to office the way bugs are to programmers. We really try to act like we are above them but we all secretly do it when noone is watching. But in all seriousness gossiping is an important office socializing activity and can be an excellent source of unconfirmed information. As long as you don’t take any rumors seriously and you handle them responsibly, a little harmless gossip can do wonders for colleague bonding and will help you battle your social inadequacy.

4. The one that pushes and motivates the bejesus out of you

Every office has that one person who is making us all look like a lazy butt slacking parasites. That person works hardest, stays longest and keep sacrificing their social life for the sake of embarrassing the rest of us. It is such a blessing to work in the same team as that person, because nothing can be more motivating than a workaholic. If you have a person who only demands your best but does a mediocre job themselves, this can be extremely frustrating. However if you have a person who pushes you as far as they push themselves, it can be a truly motivating and valuable experience.

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