Sharing collaboration at the MHCLG Roadshow

Written by Alex Mihai

The Local Digital Collaboration Unit have been organising a handful of Roadshows around the country in order to spread the word about the Local Digital Declaration spreading the word about agile, collaboration and more. As we got involved in two projects as part of this collaboration movement, we attended the Bradford Roadshow alongside our friends from Leeds City Council.

There was a basic agenda with the all-important refreshment and lunch breaks, but the sessions had to be pitched by the attendees. Pretty cool right? We jumped at the opportunity to pitch a session on our visualising waste project, where we wanted to show other people in the room, in collaboration with Leeds City Council, our dashboard prototype.

In true agile style, our session comprised of a mix of a Show and Tell and a Stand Up, meaning that the attendees were encouraged to come and look at our paper prototype. This generated enthusiasm and conversation and it was brilliant to see how much real interest the prototype has generated. It was also refreshing to hear how other authorities are tackling missed bins. Hot topic!

The roadshow was a great opportunity to get a varied bunch of like-minded people in one room and share ideas and real experience. One of the topics that came out from many of the unconferences is that, we need to share failure as much as we share success. We learn far more from failure and we can help others to make better decisions and avoid following the same path.

If you are interested to learn more about the work we are doing on this piece of work, the project is on Pipeline check this out and let us know what you think.