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Here is a list of ways you can help Ukraine.

How To Help Uvalde
Nicole Shockley, Media Director

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On Wednesday, May 25 the North Media team spent the day pausing campaigns, adding negative keywords, and prioritizing brand safety for our clients in reaction to the unfortunate tragedy that took place in Uvalde, Texas. Our May edition of Trending North was supposed to be released on Thursday, May 26 — just two days after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary. Just as clients turned to us on what to do, we asked ourselves — do we release our monthly newsletter? I decided that, no, we will not be doing a normal Trending North this month.

If donating is within your means, here are the verified GoFundMe fundraisers to help the victims of Uvalde. It includes a list of separate fundraisers to support funeral funds for victims, fundraisers to help the survivors cope, as well as support for the Garcia family. If you feel inclined to do more, see here for other ways to help.

Trending North will resume in June; when hopefully, we have better news to share.



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