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In celebration of the upcoming holidays, we turned to our fellow Northies to tell us what they are most thankful for this year!

Image Source: Pexels

Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Creative Worker
I’m grateful that working from home means I can eat homemade ramen in a hot bath during my lunch break. Oh, and season 2 of Tiger King!

Rebecca Armstrong, Co-Founder/CEO
I’m grateful for a functioning septic tank and the support of my lovely North colleagues.

Ashod Simonian, Creative Director
I’m grateful to leave the house every once in a while.

Marika Van de Kamp, Designer
I’m grateful for matcha lattes and afternoon walks!

Mark Ray, Co-Founder/CCO
I’m grateful for scientists and artists who help the rest of us survive pandemics physically and mentally. And wine.

Peter Calandra, Art & Print Producer / Photography & Art Buyer
I’m especially grateful for my health, my vision and the ability to work remotely in a decent space here at home.

Nicole Shockley, Media Director
I’m grateful for a lot of things. Science, modern medicine, working from home. For my ~new~ husband, and our dogs. Beyond grateful for my team and our new addition this year, and my entire North fam.

Cindy Wade, Director of Agency & Client Operations
I’m grateful for a balanced life, my land, my family and my work. Oh, and also wine.

Stephen Lawrence, Media Planner
I feel so grateful for my chosen family — after another year in the pandemic, it feels so good to be able to lean on the family I’ve built!

Jon Olson, Design Director
This year, I’ve settled into the belief that it’s the journey, not the destination. I’m grateful for the journey, and whom I share it with.

Meg Halski, Producer
I’m so thankful for being able to safely experience live music again at vax mandated venues and to be able to work on a team with stellar creatives whom I’ve admired for years!

Kristina Day, Creative Director
I’m thankful for time with family, amazing co-workers who bring flexibility to our ever-changing workdays, and fuzzy doggos who trade loving support for the promise of kibbles.

Happy Holidays from North!



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