February 6, 2017 Meeting
-Riley Blake/Simple Simon Company 2017 monthly challenges-the February challenge, a modern interpretation of a traditional block
-Carson will give a short lecture on “How We Look at Things, Traditional vs. Modern”. Each member should identify a favorite traditional block or a traditional block that seems to move him/her. ***If you wish, bring in a picture or photo of this traditional block to share with the group on 5Feb2017***
-The challenge will be to create your own modern interpretation of the chosen traditional block. Any size from mini-quilt to whatever size you desire; incorporate it into a pillow, a bag, anything goes! Please bring in your WIP or completed creations to share at our 5March2017 meeting, and then again when you complete it
-The board’s proposals on committees for 2017
-A discussion on what it will take to get an outside speaker to happen going forward
Notes from the February 6, 2017 Meeting:

Audrey- “False Dichotomies ” schedule was announced
Betsey-Dues are still due from some members. You can use PayPal to pay, but anyone who uses PayPal should de-activate their autopay for their NMQG account
Lee-passed out fabric for NMQG members who registered for Riley Blake challenge
Lee-treasurer’s report FY 2016 $1900 at start of 2016, $2300 at end of 2016
Jeff-mentioned that NY Modern Quilt Guild does a fabric swap at each meeting. People can bring in fabric to meetings and leave it for others.
Elizabeth-donated quilt books
Diane-has an Epson LCD Projector Model H284A which we can use for meetings
Rachel-HAVQG is April 1–2, 2017
Presentation by Carson Converse- “How We Look at Things, Traditional vs. Modern”
Carson can you put in a brief summary here
Programming 2017
Board proposed having a programming team of at least 3 members, chosen from members who have demonstrated creativity and are most knowledgeable regarding modern quilting techniques and ideology
Job description: facilitate bringing programming ideas to fruition for 7 months (April-June, Sept-Nov, Dec is holiday party with some swap idea) in 2017. Facilitation means employing all guild members to make this happen (tap members to make phone calls, etc.) Make certain at least 2 fallback programming ideas exist which can be immediately implemented in case a scheduled monthly program falls through at the last minute.
Result: Lively discussion ensued with the following being decided upon: Each member will contribute ideas on index cards, leading to a multitude of ideas for years to come. Some basic topics would be 1) what techniques are members interested in learning, and what skills do members have that they’d be willing to demonstrate; 2) What would be good field trips/outings?
Philanthropy 2017
Board Proposed no committee this year
Description of personal philanthropy mission for 2017: every guild member make a lap sized quilt for “someone(s) in their life’s sphere” who could use some quilt love. An ill or elderly family member, a thoughtful neighbor you’d like to repay, a friend going through some rough times, someone in need you read about on-line or in the paper. Complete the quilt anytime in 2017, bring it in and share your story before giving it away. If you want or need a longarm to quilt your quilt, come to Becket!
Result: Above was agreed upon by members. Additional philanthropic opportunities were discussed such as making prayer rugs for Muslim refugees, quilts for refugees. There are a number of websites that contain information on local places to donate, size and color instructions, etc. Links here
Communication 2017
Board proposed maintaining a committee for 2017
Job description: Committee head agrees to be, and functions as an organizer and facilitator, decides how many need to be on team, in order that each meeting has a photographer and a minute taker. Within a few days of the meeting, the minute taker and photographer will send their pics and minutes to secretary Ellen.
Result: Lively discussion ensued-apparently many members would like to see information from our meetings saved on a website in an organized fashion. Jeff mentioned options such an Evernote and Medium.com as easy and inexpensive ways of doing this. Robin said she’d look into it, might need some help in setting it up. Would still be looking for a committed note taker and photographer for each meeting. System would be sufficiently easy so that the photographer and note taker could input their pics and info themselves in a short time, or they could send it to Ellen to do it, again it taking Ellen only a short time each month. Also discussed was that our current website is difficult to use, isn’t being used effectively. Michelle suggested Vin might want to be paid to make it so.
Membership 2017
Board Proposed: Change to Marketing Committee
Job description: Gets NMQG external exposure. Facilitates local/regional shows in libraries, restaurants, etc. Gets membership flyers in local arts and fiber businesses like Beehive, WEBS, new quilt shop in Hatfield, ANTQ, Brookside Quilting, etc.
Result: Agreed to in principle. Ideas on how to best do this were discussed, need to be discussed further
Getting outside speaker, having a guild retreat
How to make this happen and why hasn’t it happened yet?
Susan Carlson, Jessica Skultety mentioned as potential speakers.
There seemed to be much interest in a retreat so Jeff will look into Fullerton Inn in Chester, VT

Show and Tell

Mini quilts for HAVQG show in April

Finished quilts and quilt tops