A Two-Tiered Approach to Mentorship: WeSupport

Seema Korumilli
Northeastern WISE
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4 min readAug 19, 2019


WeSupport is WISE’s mentorship pipeline for students, alumnae and professionals that creates long-lasting, authentic relationships instrumental to personal and professional development. Last year, WISE ran a pilot of WeSupport that garnered participation from 40 women across Northeastern’s colleges — overall, 20 pairs were successfully matched, tons of friendships were made, and countless memories were created!

This September, we’re ecstatic to announce that WeSupport is officially unveiling its two-tiered structure! Tier 1 will pair underclassmen with upperclassmen mentors and Tier 2 will match upperclassmen with Northeastern alumna. Read on to learn about what we’ve got cookin’ for WeSupport’s new programming!


WeSupport is focused on using an innovative mindset to create meaningful and substantial relationships between mentees and mentors. We’re here to empower women from every background, race, and college; as always, students from any major are free to apply! Here are the basics of the program:

  • Each mentor will be matched with one mentee after a curated application process.
  • Pairs will meet a minimum of three times a semester at the discretion of each individual. Communication will be flexible — pairs can meet in person, video chat, or phone in.
  • A mid-semester check-in will be sent to both the mentor and mentee to track progress, gather feedback, and help smooth any potential hiccups.
  • Mentors and mentees will be provided with optional session guides and resources to maximize the strength and value-add of their relationship.
  • Individuals will be clued in on helpful practices when it comes to giving advice and how to apply it, along with applicable session guides.
  • Pairs can decide to continue or end their relationship at the end of the semester after a wrap-up process.

Essentially, our model focuses on the strengths of each woman and emphasizes flexibility, friendship, and open communication.


Tier 1 will be pairing underclassmen with upperclassmen mentors! We’re focusing on ensuring that every relationship is successful in developing both personal and professional skills. The goal of Tier 1 is for women to meet new people, dip their toes in different fields of interest, and become an integral part of an innovative community.

Tier 1 Features

Members asked, we delivered! As we move forward, we’re providing a more comprehensive matching process and support system that will provide modes of accountability and relationship-building events.

A More In-Depth Application

We’ve refined our matching process to find out what’s important to each individual so that each pairing will have like minded motivations and aspirations. This will ultimately lead to more cohesive pairings.

Events with Purpose

Our very first event happens before pairs are even made — “speed dating.” This allows for potential mentors and mentees to meet face to face and get to know each other, just like last year. From here, mentees pick out their top 3 choices of who to be paired with. So, YES, women will have a huge say in who their mentor or mentee is. That’s only the beginning; this semester will include incredible community events that foster stronger relationships between individual mentorship pairs and the greater WeSupport cohort. Events can include touring company headquarters, coffee dates, group fitness classes, and more!

WeSupport’s first speed dating event!


For those who couldn’t apply to be mentees for last year’s WeSupport program because they weren’t an underclassman, look no further! WeSupport Tier 2 will be matching 20–25 upperclassmen in their last two years of undergraduate education with a professional Northeastern alumna located in the Boston area. What’s special about Tier 2 is that it focuses on fostering professional connections and goals, and also helps mentees build a network in the industry they’re interested in post graduation.

Who We’re Looking For: Mentors

In regards to mentors, WeSupport Tier 2 is looking for women from different walks of life who are passionate about guiding the next generation of female leaders. For this year’s pilot program, we’re sourcing Northeastern alumnae located in the Boston area. However, we’re hoping to expand to different cities as we grow; if interested, please reach out to Seema.


Watch out for applications going live for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 on August 26th. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until closing on September 18th. To be notified about applications going live, follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter here!

  • If you’re an underclassman, you can fill out the Tier 1 application to be a mentee.
  • If you’re an upperclassman in your last two years, you can fill out the Tier 1 application to be a mentor AND/OR the Tier 2 application to be a mentee! Upperclassmen who were mentors for last year’s WeSupport program will be given first priority as mentees during the matching process for Tier 2.
  • If you’re an alumnae or professional, you can fill out the Tier 2 application to be a mentor.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our co-VP’s! They can’t wait to begin chatting with you all!

Jenna Curcio (Tier 1): curcio.j@husky.neu.edu

Seema Korumilli (Tier 2): korumilli.s@husky.neu.edu

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