WISE, the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship is a new student organization at Northeastern University dedicated to teaching an entrepreneurial mindset and supporting women interested in exploring entrepreneurship through interdisciplinary workshops, startup classes, and mentorship pairings.

We hope to introduce and encourage entrepreneurial thinking regardless of one’s background, interests, or area of study through three programs:

  1. WELearn → Bi-weekly targeted and immersive workshops on professional or entrepreneurial skills across a variety of industries and disciplines. This coming semester we’ll be hosting workshops in UI/UX, prototyping, communicating with confidence, and more!
  2. WEBuild → Startup classes for a cohort of 15 to 20 women throughout a semester that teaches skills needed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset (i.e. building a team, ideating, failing forward, etc.). This program will be officially launching in Fall 2019, but for this semester you can look forward to weekend innovation challenges and coding boot camps.
  3. WESupport → A pipeline of mentors intended to build relationships instrumental to academic and entrepreneurial success. Mentorship pairings between upperclassmen and underclassmen will be made this semester, with alumni becoming a part of the program in the Fall of 2019.

WISE hosted its first Information Session on Wednesday, January 16th. However, if you were unable to attend, to follow are a few ways you can stay up to date and get involved:

  • Attend future events, like WELearn workshops, WEBuild innovation challenges, and WESupport mentorship events.
  • Email to be added to our newsletter.
  • Become a mentor or mentee for WeSupport (more info in our upcoming newsletters).
  • Follow our Instagram & Facebook (@northeasternWISE)
  • Join our community Slack group to hear all about our programming, learn about other campus and Boston events, and meet fellow WISE members!
  • Co-host an event with us! We want to bring WISE’s mission to all organizations on campus. Email us with any and all ideas.
  • Attend a community building event. WISE will be hosting brunches, trips to companies/business conferences, and other fun events throughout the semester. Stay tuned to our newsletter & Slack group!

We hope to see you at some of our future events and cannot wait to meet you!